Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

And I really thought I posted this already! No I'll never miss WW! Heck I love taking pictures! :)

I wanted to manipulate the photo a bit but I already love the colors here and I guess there's no need to edit!
This is a view from the cottage, and that there is actually the mainland.

It's from a place called MeDevCo. It actually stands for something (the 'co' part should mean cooperative, which somehow gives you an idea of what it is). Meetings and other special events are held in this place as they have function rooms and large cottages/bars. This isn't a beach resort of some sort but we asked for permission to go inside and offered to pay P5.00 entrance fee. They let us in! :D Very cheap! ;-)


So there, that's the cottage hidden behind huge mangrove trees.

That's me, sitting by the wooden dike (okay, I don't know what it's called). There's actually a wooden bench at the end and a sort of, door, which opens up to steps leading to the water.

The place is perfect for jumping and diving when the tide is high. Sadly, though it was hot at this time, the water wasn't good for diving because it wasn't that deep. I had a bruised right foot sole and a scratched back. Don't ask me how I got them. ;-)

The island there is actually a watchtower/lighthouse. I've only been there once but wasn't able to climb to the top as it was slippery and dangerous. It's a small island and you actually go there on foot because a path shows up during low tide.

My brother and my cousin playing dead. :D Kulit!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. HI - there - love the pics! Mangroves - is that in Florida or?

    I "met" you thru semi-wordless wednesday hop - Am your newest follower, too!

    Happy Blogging -

  2. Love the way you express yourself

  3. Too, too cute! Visiting from FF&P!!

  4. visiting from FF&P. Great pictures!

  5. Beautiful place and beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing them. stopping by from FF&P blog hop

  6. Love made me want to be there!

    I'm also stopping by from the blog hop. Hope you'll visit me!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  7. Hi Simonette! I'm wondering where the place is in the Philippines and for P5, best bargain! Beautiful pictures you've taken and such an awesome view. This would also be great for pictorials and such! - Mar

  8. @Mar
    Hi Mar! Tamaaa! :) This is great for pictorials or simply lazy afternoons :) This is somewhere in Surigao :)


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