Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Of Notes and Novelties

I love hoarding little novelty items, whether to just stash in a box or to decorate my room with. From the smallest items, such as pens, to bigger things like furniture, I always like the things I possess to be creatively designed, unique and visually pleasing.

Most of my friends know this: I absolutely love cute and one-of-a-kind stationery, diary books, journals, posts it and everything in between. If you happen to drop by my room, you’ll know what I mean! ;-)

I’ve been recently looking for some new stationery as well as novelty items to decorate my room with.

While browsing online I found some really cool and unique stationery at Zalora.

can somebody get me these, please? :p

Although most people these days use technology such as social media or text messages to communicate with one another, I still find handwritten notes to be the most meaningful and sincere. We cannot deny that it is way more intimate reading a note penned in the handwriting of someone you love than in the generic font that text messages come in. That’s why I love writing notes!  
(which reminds me, I still have to give that note I made last night to...)
 Besides, with handwritten notes, you also get to pick beautiful letter paper to write on!

hmmm, Dear Diary...

For me, a birthday note written with different colored pens on pretty letter paper (sent via snail mail at that), certainly beats that insincere birthday greeting on your Facebook wall! Haha… ;)

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By the way, the last note (and journal) I made was for my friend on her birthday the other week.
She said she'd take a picture of the note and I relentlessly said NO! haha :)