Sunday, August 28, 2016

Headturner: How to be a #SelfieExpert || with a little help from our friend, #OPPOF1S ||

Let me start by saying this: I am no expert. BUT! I spend too much time on social media, I think I have seen every type of selfie there is. So, consider my lack of, say, technical background, a non-issue. I have seen too many - from the best, eye-popping, jaw-dropping, and oh-so-awe-mmmazing selfies up to those that just can't be unseen. 

 (Uhm, I'm using my Instagram photos as reference. Gahd! Pressure!)

Some say, the lighting should be great. Probably.

Crazy lighting. Didn't really work but was posted anyway. For the record though, I was showing off my eyebags. My face went puffy that day, I forgot why.
Natural lighting inside the car. Looks filtered. Looks great, according to me. :)
But see what happens if you take lighting for granted! Haha

Also take into consideration your background.
Those hanging undies and laundry? Keep them out of sight! If you can't help but take selfies inside restrooms, keep it clean, please lang po!
If you want to share your face and your latest adventure at the same time, show off a bit of the beauty of the place!

I don't usually do these types of shots. But hey, do you see our tent?. Had a great time hiking. Does it show on my face? See the greens and the fog? Brrrrr
Ang ganda mo nga siguro sa selfie mo pero yung backdrop mo naman, ang gulo! Jeskelerd!
Tidy up, especially when you're taking the selfie inside your room. It could actually say a lot about you. 

In my defense, I was in such a good mood that day that I felt really pretty, hence, the selfie. That bookshelf though...
Another thing, angle-angle lang yan! Find that angle, pose! 

To the left, to left...
Look straight...
Finally, consider the filter. Snapchat could be your bestfriend.

I skipped work that afternoon because my tummy was acting up. The filter saved me. No sign of LBM there. teehee!
Got bored before lunch break. What have  you got for me today, Snapchat?

But seriously though, here's the deal. 
How do you become a #SelfieExpert?


Well, this is a groufie, actually, with my co-tita's. It was supposedly a long weekend for us but we were headed home before 9pm. Hmph.

I just got home from work and this guy was just too happy to see me. It shows!

Nothing beats confidence when it comes to taking these selfies. I know, a lot of girls (*slightly guilty on this*), take a gazillion selfies before posting that perfect, Instagram-worthy one. But selfies shouldn't be that of a burden to you and your gadget. Save that energy (and phone memory)!
 Strike a pose and be confident about how you look. 

Eyebrows not on fleek? Scared a zit is showing up? Lighting too bright, your forehead looks like the NAIA runway? Who cares? It's how you love yourself, and show that self-love to the whole world. It's not bad, trust me. Brush those insecurities aside, maintain that healthy level of confidence, and tell your story as it is. Don't pretend. Feel beautiful. Be beautiful. Be you!
Pose. Click. Post.

And what better way to share those confidently beautiful selfies than with the use of, not just the latest, but the best selfie phone there is: the Oppo F1s. Yes. That's right! See those Sarah G. photos? *drool*
The #OPPOF1S takes great photos, and the sleek design makes those flawless selfies easy to take.
It has just been launched this August, and check out the specs! The best part? The 16MP front camera! It has a huge internal memory capacity which will be more than enough to store all those selfies! In no time, with the #OPPOF1S, you'll be a confident #Selfie Expert!
Yes, that's how you become a #SelfieExpert.
And don't forget your #OPPOF1S!

So the next time you pose that Woke Up Like This selfie, try to do the real thing. We won't judge. I'm sure it'll be perfect. Wipe those morning stars, and press that capture button!

 Keep it real. After all, you are not here to please everyone.

You go, girl! Be your own #SelfieExpert!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Whatnots continued

Day 46 was weird but interesting. For the first time, I was able to watch a movie with my friend's family. It was something spontaneous. The thought of it makes me laugh because it was as if I intruded their family bonding, but I actually didn't feel left out. Or feelingera lang man jud ko. I saw how they loved their mom too. Great kids. Awp. :)

Day 45 was a sad day. The first and only time I saw my grandaunt after she passed away. Looking at her inside the casket made me feel sad. She was loveable, and indeed, she was one of the few people I like because she was genuine. She was single. She's in heaven now, for sure.

Day 44 was adventure day. So the family went to Oslob to see the whales. Long story short, I wasn't able to swim with the butandings, only saw them up close though. That was a first. And it was also my first time to go to Aginuid Falls. Didn't appreciate the water that much but it was a good experience. Glad to find out that my mother is still up for hiking adventures. I thought, at 58, she would easily give up, considering our Bega Falls adventure earlier this year (or was it last year?). Anyways, we also went to Kawasan Falls. To cap my firsts for that day, it was my first time to have a round Cebu south tour. Proud! :)

Day 43 and work was back to normal. I finished my report, but still needs some polishing. That day was the first time I gave a gift to my godson (whom I forgot the name, and didn't ask. Just because). It was the first time we saw each other after 12 years. Yep! I'm old.

Quick random fact: My eldest gonchild is turning 19 this year. Again, yep, I'm old.

Day 42, which is today was a first too. The first time I skipped afternoon work because I wasn't feeling well. At first I thought it was LBM (tmi!), but then I realized maybe it's pasmo. And I don't know the english for pasmo. :)

That's it again! Tomorrow I'm planning on buying chicken wings after work, or probably have my 30-minute jog. We'll see. Excited for tomorrow's firsts!


Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Check my counter out at the bottom of my page and you'll see that something is fast approaching. Hmm, it's my big 30! I'd like to say that it's not safe to post exact birthdates online, but please let this be an excuse. I'm turning 30 in less than fifty days!

I've always wanted to make a bucket list, but I am so lazy! So instead of that bucket list, I'll write down at least one thing insteresting that happens 50 days before my birthday.

Today is actually Day 47. Rather, there are 47 days left 'til I turn 30.

Day 50 was last Sunday. It was, I guess, the first time (in a long time, hehe) that I went to mass with family on an early Sunday moning. What a way to kick off the countdown! Although I really wasn't aware about it then. :)

Day 49, I bought roasted coffee for one of my officemates. After work, we ate at McDonald's. So, it was the first time I went to McDonald's before and after work. It was also the first time my close friend T hitched a ride with me after getting that new job. It was also the first time two of my friends met each other. :)

Day 48 was the first time I went jogging with my friend T. I surrendered, and eventually just stood by the side and waited for her. When she was nearing, she ran a bit faster and told me that a girl had collapsed. Okay, so who said push yourself to the limit? Because that girl obviously did.

Day 47, which is today, was my first time getting a massage at the spa. Yep, my first. I've been invited and told to go many times before but today was just too spontaneous and my back actually hurt so I was so excited for the massage. It was good! Surely not the best but it was really good. Hello Spa body massage was only for 250 for an hour. I chose the Swedish oil massage. Me and my 2 other girlfriends, Gee and Lai, definitely had a fun and relaxed time. Going back? Hmm, we'll see. With Ate P next time. 

Day 46 will be tomorrow. Can't wait.

Quick random fact: Our house number before was #46. I used to live at #46 Pabayo San Agustin.

That's it!