Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thankful Thursday

No this isn't a blog hop post. Today, I am just thankful :)

Today I had an unplanned meet up with fellow blogger, Isabeau of The Vixen's Lair. She tweeted and asked where I was and then said that she was on her way to Sweet's (of Pens and Lens) house to get something. She said that if I'd go with her, she'll give me something. Haha! You see, she was bored, but I jumped in! I went with her and viola, look what I got - for free!

Garnier Skin Naturals 

Gentle Clarifying Foam

Whiten & Even Moisturizing Cream
Pore tightening astringent
 So with that, I'd like to thank both Isabeau and Sweet (though she didn't really know I was coming, hehe. Sweet is in Bangkok) for their generosity. Love love love! <3 I've never tried Garnier (except for that eye roll on, once :P) so I'm excited to try this new bunch out.

When I got home, I also got these! An uncle just arrived from abroad, which means, there's pasalubong!

Labello Fruity Shine Strawberry
Musk by Alyssa Ashley lotion
I've got lots of lipgloss already, but I'm not complaining! I have never found the perfect one for me, so I just end up somewhat collecting them. I just opened a new Labello and now I've got another one! I once thought that it was a Nivea knock-off but no it's not. It tastes good too! :)

As for the Alyssa Ashley, I love it. They sell it here in local stores but they don't have it in 750mL's, as far as I've noticed. I love the smell. Well, I love anything that says musk. :P

And of course, pasalubongs aren't complete without chocolates!

I was in a hurry to eat that I didn't notice the crappy photo I got. I was excited, blimey! All we have inside our fridge right now are boxes of cheese and raisins. And I don't like raisins!

And finally, here's something I just hopped on to today. A giveaway! 
Its called the "For the First Time" giveaway, obviously because it's her first time to have a giveaway! 
Head over to Kurdapya Meets World to read the mechanics. It runs until midnight.
You might be the one who'll win the lovely purse she's giving away.

I love her blog name. You see, I was once called Kurdapya when I was a kid. And I realized that some kids are called the same way too. And then even some grown-ups. And then I hear it as an expression (ay sus, baya Kurdapya!).. So what does it mean anyway? haha :)

Isabeau took a picture of me. I look like I have a giraffe neck. Waaaaaaa!
<a href=

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

catching up

I was a total bum this week and I had some draft posts but were never able to post them because they lacked something: pictures. Stories are always better told when pictures are present. My camera had been busted for the longest time ever and I'm so lazy to go and have it fixed. But I will soon because it's summer and there will be lots, and I say, lots of things that are going to happen. My cellphone camera isn't that trusty too. Because I always leave my phone at home. :P

Talking about happenings, let me share with you a few things that happened to me this week.

Mid-week catching-up

[03.25] It was my grandmother's birthday and we had a mañanita for her. I'm just saving that for another post. The pictures are with my cousin and she seems to have trouble transferring the photos from her camera to the computer. Dunno why.

I also purchased tickets for a vacation. Boy, am I excited! I even dreamt about the place that night. I'm off to an island somewhere and I'm definitely sharing lots of photos then.

[03.26] Earth Hour. I was at home. Though there was a program going on somewhere nearby, I wasn't in the mood to go. Besides, nobody would drive me home, so I'd rather be home. Turned off the lights for an hour. Just the lights inside the house. Robbers are everywhere :P

[03.27] A buzz was going on around the web about this Willing Willie video over at YouTube. That's a local show here in the Philippines. If you'd watch the video, it actually shows a kid gyrating like a macho dancer. He obviously didn't like it because he was crying.

The issue is, why would some host exploit the innocence of a child on national television and make fun (and definitely, money) out of it? Moralists were outraged. Honestly, I found it cute at first, but then it wasn't funny. And then it was just too much. It was too much for a 6-year old kid. By the way, the kid's dad went live last Monday and said that they're proud of what the kid did and that all the money he earned (P10,000) was given to him in full. Ugh. Whatever. What's your take?

[03.28] My 12-month old nephew finally learned how to walk! While me and my sister were having home-serviced pedi over at my aunt's house, my nephew was showing us his new talent! He can now walk! We were all so happy (and tired)! Thank God for blessings.

[03.29] It was my 5-year old cousin's graduation day from day care. She led the invocation and it was so cute because she was really jittery and looked like she was about to cry. Nevertheless, she said the memorized prayer without flaw and we are so proud of her! After her prayer, she walked over to her mother and said: "Bike!". She was referring to her mom's promise that she were to buy her a new bike since she doesn't like the one that she has if she went on stage and pray. After the event, she cried the whole time because she wanted the bicycle to be bought immediately. It was fun everyone shelled out money so that she can buy the bike she wanted. Uhm, being a bum/unemployed/student, I didn't donate. haha! But I promised that I will give her money.. soon. haha! That night, she was able to buy the bike. And she was in bike heaven.

On another note, the new pumps I purchased online was delivered. I'm not showing it off just yet. haha :) 
It'll have it's own time to shine.

And today, I was so lazy I didn't go to school. I was supposed to enrol for my summer class but then I didn't want to go out. My mother said I should cook hotcake for snacks but they're boring. So she said add some choco or anything to put flavor on it. We only have one tiny unsweetened choco bar left so I decided to just throw in some choco malt, Milo. And because I'm soooo lazy today, looked what happened to my hotcakes.

Okay, I kinda burnt them, but then they tasted good! At least, for my mother. They were too fluffy you can almost taste the air. Kidding. Nah, they were actually good - because there was nothing else to eat. :P

Lazy. It's Wednesday anyway. Anyone is entitled to be lazy.


Wordless Wednesday: Candles

This was supposed to be last week's entry but I never had the chance to gather the right words enough to express how and what I really felt. And so I decided to leave it for Wednesday.

Candles. Prayers. Faith.

Not so wordless after all...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I'm blog hopping and I'm enjoying it! ;-)

This blog might be new but I'm not a first-timer on blogging. I just never had the guts to share my blog and 'expose' it. But this time, I'm ready. And honestly, I'm enjoying it. Not only do I get to link my blog for others to see (and follow *aheem*), I also get to discover great blogs (and giveaways)!

I started blog-hopping last week through Blogspot's convenient link: Next Blog. :p And then I chanced upon sites which exchanged linkys and what-have-you's.

And so, this week, and for the next weeks to come, *I think*, I will be joining the bandwagon!

The Things We Find Inside

I love my online friends
You can be a guest host too! :D

for family-friendly blogs :P

it's just the start of the week, don't be moody!

a fairly new linky, now on it's second week!

3 Jewels In My Crown

and this one is on it's first week! :)

Let's do the hopping!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Meet me and Cebu on Monday!

It's Meet me on Monday over at Never Growing Old! Thanks to Java for this fun activity where everyone gets to blog hop and know more about other people.

1.  Crunchy or soft tacos?
I love the crunchy tacos. I love to hear the sound on every bite! ;-)

2.  Do you scrapbook?
I've tried. I just have little patience that I easily give up on a project.

3.  Do you take any daily medications?
Fortunately, NO! :-)

4.  What is your favorite sound?
birds singing in the early in the morning
rain during a lazy afternoon - perfect for a nap
 waves rushing to the shore

5.  Where were you born?
Queen City of the South, Pearl of the Orient
Cebu City, Philippines!

What you'll find in Cebu:

via myLot, and more pictures (not mine)!






(images via Google Images search hits)


Thursday, March 24, 2011

My feeble attempt at DIY

I couldn't think of anything else to do today but finish the headband I started way back. I was once really into crocheting until I just finally surrendered. Dunno why. I thought of making a DIY post, but finally decided not to because I found it hard to explain, even through pictures. So let me just let you take a glimpse of what I actually did. It wasn't at all nice but I was relieved of that fact that I actually finished it! After a long hiatus :D

the garter I used is actually recycled. I don't know where it came from.

And so I wore it immediately since my Aunt called and asked me for an errand. Reliable headband! :D

i had to crop my face haha!

it's as if i'm wearing jihab/jilbāb

And oh, look who's ready for summer!

My Forever21 sunnies came in the mail today after more than a month. :P 
Mr. Sun, here I come!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Book Crush

I have a certain knack for notebooks and journals. I actually didn't notice I was into collecting them until one day a friend gave me a box of stationeries and notebooks. She then said that it would be a great addition to my collection. She really is my bestfriend because she was the first person to notice that I actually collected them, even before I myself discovered it. I unconsciously bought and collected but didn't brand myself as somebody who collects them.

Anyways, I was browsing through stacks at Booksale when I finally surrendered. I looked for a datebook from Cosmo but then they had none. I'm not even sure if Cosmo made one this year. Meanwhile, a certain spine in a pile of notebooks caught my attention. Book Crush.

I thought it was a book about crushes. I was wrong. It's actually a journal about your books! I immediately purchased it. It's not the latest edition but the idea of having one thrilled me. Even before I even got to read everything inside, I didn't mind, I just bought it :)

It's like a travel diary where you write the things you've experienced in the places you've been to. The only difference is that, you only write about the books you've read.

Author: Nancy Pearl

The pages inside are so lovely. I usually don't write anything on my notebooks so I expect not to write on this one too. As useful as this journal might be, I think I'm never writing anything inside it. It's so childish, but hey, I love it! :)

driving away depression

tonight i just sat inside the car, turned the engine and headlights on and listened to the radio. being inside the car at night gives me a relaxed feeling and i don't know why. maybe because i stayed home the last few days and i'm used to going out everyday for class. depression (think: grades, and friends graduating, and low passing percentage from the recent bar exams) and boredom somehow set in. 
i miss school and i miss my friends. weird, i know.

i don't drive. well, i know how to drive. i've got a license and a car (not technically mine though) but i've never really driven alone. aside from the fact that that car has it's undependability issues (okay, i think i just made that word up), i still have issues with driving.

i wanted to move the car a bit but then it was already dark, and even with the headlights on, i was afraid of moving it. i'll show you why.

i did that while i was trying to get it out of the garage. oh well, i just needed more practice. the garage is newly constructed, and i blame it to unfamiliar estimates. blah!

i've always thought that driving was going to be easy for me. well, it's not (i have a serious problem on estimating distances). i've only taken driving lessons last year, so i'm still a newbie. people say that i'll get used to it and that it's normal for somebody like me to experience a few bumps at times. that doesn't make me feel any better, but somehow assured me. baby steps. patience. i'll get there someday.

anyway, while inside the car today, i told myself (well, the car actually), that i should be driving myself to school by the next semester ("i should be driving you to school already, so please, cooperate!"). or maybe starting this summer since i've got a class. i only need a lot of focus and determination and trust in myself that i can do it.

and while inside, i also thought about myself. i am still giddy about my grades. i previously posted that there's no reason to fret but then, i'm so scared. next semester is supposedly my last, and then i should be off marching my way to graduation. but two subjects this semester has gotten me so worried i have trouble sleeping, i could stare at facebook the whole day and night! oh okay, make that three subjects since i super flunked one final exam, i'm sad. and depressed. and nervous. and sad. and depressed. and the cycle goes on. proof of depression? i almost finished a bottle of peanut butter today.

anyhow, i should get over this. asap! tomorrow, i practice driving again. and avoid damaging the car and hurting myself, or others for that matter. and i should be back to my optimistic self (oh, i blame that on PMS). maybe i should start doing other things. finish the books i'm reading. clean my room (ilara ko). study, perhaps? finish that calendar. and stop munching on that peanut butter (i love the crunch of the crispies).

starting tomorrow, i pledge to drive away all my depression.
for now, let me catch up with my PLL. i've missed out on the last 3 episodes. still can't figure A out.

goodnight! <3

Friday, March 18, 2011

social network

Crazy I feel like I'm Mark Zuckerberg. And I'm bullying an Eduardo Saverin. So who's the Sean Parker?

By the way, have you seen the movie? In a nutshell, it was about how Facebook started, and the lawsuit that came along with it. Spoiler alert though to those who haven't seen the film (uhm, where were you anyway?), Eduardo financed the project, but things happened and in the end, after the company was incorporated, his shares were intentionally dropped to about 0.03% (okay, I am not sure if I got my figure right). Of course he got furious but somehow, it was revenge upon him, disguised. Call that a dose of his own medicine.

So, why do I feel like a Mark Zuckerberg? I think I just let somebody taste a dose of his own medicine. Ingon pa, naprito sa iyang kaugalingong mantika. No, the person hasn't done anything serious, just something I didn't like. Unlike Eduardo who didn't do anything bad because all he did was care for his own company, this person actually did something that irritated not just me but a few other people. Imagine my disgust and anger (slight) when I found out that the person was lying. Oh well, just like Mark still, I wasn't too happy about what I did. Remember at the end of the movie he kept on hitting the refresh button? I'm hitting the f5 too, hoping to refresh whatever there is to refresh and ultimately start anew.

I want to be a billionaire, but no, I don't wanna be Mark Zuckerberg. True, you don't get to have a miilion friends without getting a few enemies.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

thanksgiving and celebration

One always does everything to reach his goals in life. I for one have this goal which I have set my heart on. I encountered a LOT of problems along the way, and I continue to. I've been through failures and felt even more frustrations but I never surrendered. My heart and mind has been set. At this point, there's no stopping me. :)

Recently, I realized that getting to where I am right now wasn't that easy. It may have seemed simple but then, looking back, I think I experienced all struggles possible. I'm almost at the end of this chapter and a new one will unfold. For the meantime, I will relish every small victory and be thankful for every single blessing that comes my way.

So with that, I thank the Lord for another round of wonderful school year. I haven't gotten my grades yet, and I ain't confident, but that's not a reason to fret. I've also got friends who are graduating this month, so this calls for a thanksgiving... and a karaoke celebration! :)

 Here's for the "thanksgiving"

And say hello to the "celebration"
 I loved my corset. It's an MTO (but an RTW when I bought it- they had my size) I found on Facebook. 
I wore it on top of a Baclaran tee because I can't dare to bare so much skin, haha! 
My silver Steve Madden matched Saxa's pink shoes. We called them the "princess-princess metallic shoes". 
Yes, you say princess twice, for emphasis. Meaning, not real. haha wat evs!

We're not only friends, we're one big family!
aywabshu! and i'm gonna mishoo!

I already looked kinda weird by the end of the night. My face and body turned a bit red. Margarita! :p

It's gonna be my turn someday, and I'll have a lot lot more to celebrate and be thankful for!

<3 Toodle-oo!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

hot coffee

I am not a coffee addict. I just happen to always drink coffee, and like the way it tastes. And so? What's the difference? :)

To a coffee addict, drinking coffee isn't just drinking coffee. It's whether he is drinking latte, or cappuccino, or espresso, and counting the shots (okay, I don't actually know what types of coffee there are. See? I'm no addict!;-]). By the coffee's aroma alone, he can tell what type of coffee is being served. To him, mocha is a coffee flavor. Starbucks or Seattle's Best aren't really hangout places, but coffee sanctuaries (again, I don't know other "coffee places"). They don't have trouble ordering, they don't choose from the menu because they've got their own specific orders. And mind you, they say it without even blinking, with the accents just right in place! Coffee is their lifeblood and social beverage as well.

To a regular coffee drinker like me, drinking coffee is out of necessity. There are days when I need to stay longer than I'm supposed to, and because I don't like the taste of Red Bull, I just drink coffee. I don't know the difference between latte and cappuccino. All I know is that latte is creamier, just that. And if you say mocha, I say ice cream. If you say Starbucks, I say study place, or meet up venue. Okay, I may be exaggerating there a bit. Coffee is the first thing that comes to mind, but... just but! I tell you, to me, ALL those different coffee flavors taste the same! I don't know why, maybe my taste buds aren't that attentive or that I haven't established that level of love for coffee, but really, they all taste the same! A single shot, double, or even triple, doesn't really matter to me. All I know is that a double shot makes you stay up longer, and a triple shot can let you live your 24 hours without even sleeping. Coffee as a lifeblood only applies to me during exams. My social beverage is still Red Horse (nah, kidding!hehe).

Okay, enough of the boring noob coffee lover story. Don't get me wrong, I actually have a genuine love for coffee.

With that, let me share with you a coffee tavern experience. I've been to this place before and tasted their coffee, but it didn't leave a mark on me (read: because as I've said, all coffee taste the same!).

I learned about Baristo Coffee Lounge back when I used to study in USC. They had a nook inside our campus. As far as I can remember, I never ordered coffee back then. I also thought that they were just hospitality management students doing thier OJT, or business students doing their market study. When they set up that spot in front of the Main USC Campus in P. del Rosario St., Cebu, me and my friends went their to try the place out.

It's small. It's a concern because if the place is small, it follows that the tables are small. Now, for a coffee shop which also serves meals and has wifi, the table matters. Imagine if there were two of you, both bringing laptop and ordering a meal, where would you put your things? But I don't blame them, I think it's a good spot though.

Last week, we went back to the place just to hang out (D promised to buy us coffee!) and catch up. Scanning through their coffee menu, I noticed they actually serve a wide range of coffee. Prices are reasonable too! The only concern I had was that the HOT coffee I ordered wasn't as hot as I expected it to be. It felt like the milk which was mixed with it was cold and they didn't mind heating it up. Nevertheless, the coffee tasted good.

They also served meals and dessserts. I had carbonara and it was good. Not the best, but it was delicious and very cheesy and creamy. I ordered their crepe but after paying for it, they told me they ran out of stock. Oh well... They returned my money, of course. But it just showed that they weren't up to date with their stocks. The picture of the mango crepe looked delicious though.

Would I go back? Definitely. Why? There's no other coffee shop in the vicinity. Their meals taste delicious and are way cheaper than their competitors. And the cofee is cheap too. I just hope their hot drinks are HOT and not just hot-hot. I hope you get what I mean.

Adele 21