Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Book Crush

I have a certain knack for notebooks and journals. I actually didn't notice I was into collecting them until one day a friend gave me a box of stationeries and notebooks. She then said that it would be a great addition to my collection. She really is my bestfriend because she was the first person to notice that I actually collected them, even before I myself discovered it. I unconsciously bought and collected but didn't brand myself as somebody who collects them.

Anyways, I was browsing through stacks at Booksale when I finally surrendered. I looked for a datebook from Cosmo but then they had none. I'm not even sure if Cosmo made one this year. Meanwhile, a certain spine in a pile of notebooks caught my attention. Book Crush.

I thought it was a book about crushes. I was wrong. It's actually a journal about your books! I immediately purchased it. It's not the latest edition but the idea of having one thrilled me. Even before I even got to read everything inside, I didn't mind, I just bought it :)

It's like a travel diary where you write the things you've experienced in the places you've been to. The only difference is that, you only write about the books you've read.

Author: Nancy Pearl

The pages inside are so lovely. I usually don't write anything on my notebooks so I expect not to write on this one too. As useful as this journal might be, I think I'm never writing anything inside it. It's so childish, but hey, I love it! :)


  1. psssT i like that notebook! funny we have similar likes.. i have notebooks that i dont write on.. and i still have my stationery collection! hahahaha

  2. part of the reason why i probably collect notebooks is that i'm a pack rat! :-) the notebook is really cute (and cheap too!)


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