Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thankful Thursday

No this isn't a blog hop post. Today, I am just thankful :)

Today I had an unplanned meet up with fellow blogger, Isabeau of The Vixen's Lair. She tweeted and asked where I was and then said that she was on her way to Sweet's (of Pens and Lens) house to get something. She said that if I'd go with her, she'll give me something. Haha! You see, she was bored, but I jumped in! I went with her and viola, look what I got - for free!

Garnier Skin Naturals 

Gentle Clarifying Foam

Whiten & Even Moisturizing Cream
Pore tightening astringent
 So with that, I'd like to thank both Isabeau and Sweet (though she didn't really know I was coming, hehe. Sweet is in Bangkok) for their generosity. Love love love! <3 I've never tried Garnier (except for that eye roll on, once :P) so I'm excited to try this new bunch out.

When I got home, I also got these! An uncle just arrived from abroad, which means, there's pasalubong!

Labello Fruity Shine Strawberry
Musk by Alyssa Ashley lotion
I've got lots of lipgloss already, but I'm not complaining! I have never found the perfect one for me, so I just end up somewhat collecting them. I just opened a new Labello and now I've got another one! I once thought that it was a Nivea knock-off but no it's not. It tastes good too! :)

As for the Alyssa Ashley, I love it. They sell it here in local stores but they don't have it in 750mL's, as far as I've noticed. I love the smell. Well, I love anything that says musk. :P

And of course, pasalubongs aren't complete without chocolates!

I was in a hurry to eat that I didn't notice the crappy photo I got. I was excited, blimey! All we have inside our fridge right now are boxes of cheese and raisins. And I don't like raisins!

And finally, here's something I just hopped on to today. A giveaway! 
Its called the "For the First Time" giveaway, obviously because it's her first time to have a giveaway! 
Head over to Kurdapya Meets World to read the mechanics. It runs until midnight.
You might be the one who'll win the lovely purse she's giving away.

I love her blog name. You see, I was once called Kurdapya when I was a kid. And I realized that some kids are called the same way too. And then even some grown-ups. And then I hear it as an expression (ay sus, baya Kurdapya!).. So what does it mean anyway? haha :)

Isabeau took a picture of me. I look like I have a giraffe neck. Waaaaaaa!
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  1. i've been wanting to try laura ashley but haven't gotten around to actually buy it. i don't know why...

    nice loot...

  2. tehheee! i tagged you along not coz i was bored it because i know you live nearby so bonding moments galore! hahaha our free times are rare so we better grab each opportunity to unwind! my eyes grew big on the chocolates! they are my poison!

  3. @cherry
    you should try the alyssa ashley. my mom really loves it. i use it for my hands and i end up always smelling my hands :D

    i laughed when i read my post again. i sounded like an oportunista hahaha but really, bitaw, good thing i was home and online! next time let's bond when i'm not full so that aside from keeping my mouth busy from talking, i'll also be eating at the same time. haha

    really shabz, thanks for tagging me along. :) i had a great time! <3

  4. hahahaha no uyy!!! i knew that you were coming...what is the use of twitter is one is going to use them man pud...because I am in Bangkok so instead of my mom sending those stuff to me...I can always give those items for you my ladies...heehhehe

    give me a review hah...


  5. Wow good for you dear...It would be such a surprise if that's how sweet will do her royal rumbles next time. Telling people in Cebu to go to her place and first one to go there wins..hahahahahaha

  6. @Sweet
    thanks again! :) as for the review, yes i definitely will. after 14 days! haha :)

    haha! first one to arrive wins!! haha at least, DaMnViXeN and I will have advantage. :)


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