Saturday, April 2, 2011

postcards from heaven

I went to the bookstore today to grab the latest issue of the magazine my brother reads. I also took the time check out the cheapest books that they have. And as usual, I asked if they had new notebooks or journals on sale/display. They didn't. But I found this - vintage postcard book:

Note: I actually took a picture but my phone died on me while I was transferring photos. Because I'm too excited to post, I can't wait to charge it. I just searched the internet. Photo can be found here.
Seriously, I don't know where Yellowstone National Park is. But I've never seen a postcard book before. This contains 23 postcards, all with vintage designs. At the back of the book it says..

Bring home a piece of Yellowstone National Park history with authentic Frank Jay Haynes and Jack Ellis Haynes postcards from the early twentieth century. Experience the drama of the world's first national park as showcased by these legendary photographers.

Postcard images inside include the following:

I found these images over at eBay The postcards were actually sold from between $6.00-$13.00 individually! I was amazed to see that there was even one vintage postcard priced at about $35.00. You see, I bought the book for only about a dollar. I think it was a good deal.

I'm not planning on using or at least, detaching one postcard from it. I'll just keep it as it is. :)

"Postcard from heaven
Go to where you belong
Never find the perfect situation
Untill you know where you're from"

That's actually from Lighthouse Family's song. Hmph, whatever :D

Anyways, since I'm on to postcards and lighthouses, today I joined Swap-Bot. In simple words, it's a website that facilitates people who would like to swap (but not limited to) snail-mails. I've posted a widget on my sidebar. Click on it and you'll be linked to my profile. Browse through the pages and you'll get the picture :P

I also signed up to my first ever swap. I want to collect postcards in addition to the stamp collection I have (okay, it's actually my father's but I've asked it from him since he hasn't updated it). Wouldn't it be great to see the handwriting of other people from the other parts of the world? Uhm, that sounded a bit creepy. But seriously, meeting someone through snail mail is way better than getting a few bot followers on  Twitter. I hope this one will be a success. I am to send a postcard with a lighthouse. to somebody I'm paired with. I'm off to the bookstore again tomorrow and search for that postcard. :)

How about you? 
Do you like sending snail mails? I do.
Have you ever had pen pals? I had. From Cotabato, Philippines. Also from Netherlands and Japan!


  1. Hi! I saw your link on the weekend blog hop and am now following your blog. Your blog's title captured my attention because I am nowhere near perfect, either. But getting closer everyday! (ha! just had to throw that in there!)

    I never had a pen pal. I think I missed out, because I'm such a writer! When I write people letters (snail mail included) I just go on and on and on...especially if I'm printing it out on the computer. In fact, I tend to the leave WAY too long of comments in people's comments sections. I have a feeling people see my name come up, and think, "Oh...her again! get ready to read another book..."

    Anyway, I'm going to check out your link to the "swap bot" thing - could be something for me :) Thanks for sharing!

    Katrina (your newest follower #28!)

  2. I love snail mail...but I also live with the mailman. I have a vested interest. I really love to find happy mail in my mailbox. =)

  3. Hi, Monette! :)

    Followed your blog na. In fact, my first time here. Nice one you got here. Hehe

    Hmm..snail mails? Nah. Gave up on those a long time ago when I discovered emails and internet cafes became ubiquitous. Though I make terrific cards. Hehe

  4. Oi, added you on my blogroll na under "Friends.." ;)

  5. I actually sent snail mail today to a friend of mine who is going thru a little trouble...sometimes snail mail is just the thing that says I care. Too cool about the vintage post card.

    I am a new follower from the weekend hop. I'd love for you to check out my blog sometime. I love your blog button! Very cute!

    Heather From and Mommy Only Has Two Hands!

  6. Oooh! I love vintage post cards! Thanks for stopping by! I am your newest follower.

    Have a great day!

  7. @Katrina @ They All Call Me Mom
    Hi! :) thanks for dropping by!
    I actually love reading long comments. I get interested in them. And the comments that you share with other people reflects how one person thinks or reacts :) I'd love to see your comments on my posts again! Thanks again!

    Haha! That's great, at least everything won't be that difficult for you. ;-) Nothing can be compared to the feeling of getting a thoughtful note from the mailbox :)

    Hi Sir Mauie! :)
    Thank you! I don't really link up my blog to people I personally know. hehe I just recently decided that I should start linking my blog with my other social network accounts. But I'm not ready to share this with my real life friends yet. haha!

    Yes, that's right. Snail mail shows a little extra effort and the receiver can really feel that personal connection. :)

    Thanks for the follow Heather!

    @Brandy Nelson
    I'm looking out for more postcard books, whethere vintage or not. there seems to be a lack of postcards in my area. Thanks for the follow! :)


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