Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Family (+Giveaway)

There's always that wacky pose!

You are probably wondering right now who/what Bas is and why we all heart Bas. :)


Today, while hopping from one blog to the next, I discovered an interesting beauty blog.

I actually chanced upon her from a meet-up post (which I also chanced upon care of tags from other bloggers) I read (somewhere- sorry forgot which one it was). I enjoyed their pictures and their ukay/thrift finds, I decided to check on each on each of them. Glad to have found Miss Cory Potts because she also has a giveaway! 
I don't usually share giveaways on my posts but there are always exceptions! The first one was because I liked her username. This time (second, actually) is because I also like her username! 

And what's interesting is that, to join, you'll have to answer one question: 
"What does 'MissCoryPotts' mean?"

Click on banner to know more and join. The giveaway is also open internationally, so anyone can join!

Need a CLUE? :) click!


  1. Awww nothing like the love of family! Great photos!!!
    ~Peace...Naila Moon

  2. AWESOME family picture! everybody seems like having so much fun posing, lol!


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