Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Have you ever been to a Mañanita?
I have.
But do you know what it actually means?
  I don't.

Not until I actually Googled it.
It means little morning. And Las Mañanitas is a birthday song.
So now I get it.

It was my grandmother's birthday. We all woke up at dawn and met up outside her house. We then sang the Mañanita Song while holding a candle (and the birthday banner).

It was 4am so my Grandma had no chance to change. I bet she didn't even wash her face! haha

And we also brought breakfast!

Bread, cakes, and coffee! It was a surprise, so we had to bring our own.

We also had a brief karaoke session right after. 

But of course, some relatives had to go to work, and for bummers like me, we had to go back to sleep.
But we continued with the fun that night. Only that, I ended up watching over some kid cousins.

And they were wild!

So I sneaked inside my Grandma's room and slept. :) And that's it.

Happy birthday Lola! May you have more and more birthdays to come.


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