Tuesday, February 22, 2011

day off

Today I didn't know we were going to see Former Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban in person. I think I got a little starstruck there. And then I realized that he looked just the same as he did in his website. And he also wore that toga with a red violet sash (what is it called, anyway?). And because we were seated from afar, it didn't really feel like I saw him "in person" after all.

What disturbed me was the video presentation which was played while a guy was singing a praise song about Santo Niño. It showed pictures of the Niño, and of Governor Gwen. Honestly, her pictures just didn't seem to fit the message. The song was a prayer. She was politicking. Just saying... But when we saw her, I was starstruck... because of her shoes! She left out the bag though (yes, we took pictures of her before because of her LV which her lady body guard was carrying).

Anyways, so that was the Jessup Competition, 2011. Plenary Hall, Cebu International Convention Center. :-)

So it was my first time at the CICC. Seriously. There was no reason for me to go to that controversial building. And well, the ladies' room was dark, the manhole on the ceiling was creepy. No, I didn't see any cracked walls. It felt like an oversized lobby. I didn't like my chair. I don't know and didn't even bother to check what else was there. We didn't take pictures from the inside because the Megs' camera was left inside his car. We skipped the competition (first agent, respondent) and went to dinner. MarLove were already waiting for us at Pier One (whose sign already says PERONE :p) and they were calling us asking where we were!

See you at P E R O N E!


Presenting: The Yaya and Yayo Day Off

Yayas. Kusinera and Yaya ni Dodong. E and S. :)
No, this is not an outfit post. Haha! I hate my pants.
I was in a super hurry today that I had to grab the nearest thing my hands could get hold of.
I was actually already wearing something but upon looking at the mirror, I felt like I looked somebody else!
So I changed my mind, hence the last minute outfit change.
That's a Pi tee by Island (souvenirs?),
Old Navy bag (no, NOT an ukay find, haha!),
Carme Hush Puppies.
Skip the pants, I don't like it!!

Megs, in all his Yayo glory, posing to get a souvenir shot of CICC.
Walk the dog na, muchacho!

It took us a long time to cross the street, to Parkmall, because we were taking (and literally, stealing) pictures. Sorry but we just had to grab the opportunity, day off eh!

We had dinner at Pier One Bar and Grill, not the most delicious and affordable restaurant in town, but it has a good ambiance. You dine as if you're inside a ship (or lets say, on a cruise, para sosyal, cargo ship nga lang), and there's a live acoustic two-man band (that sang songs of different genre, disturbing).

Taken by Megs :)

However, you'll never go wrong with Pier One because of their large rice servings. For a rice-eater, like me (and Mar!haha), it'd be worth it. So our dinner (at about a thousand pesos), consisted of sisig, lechon kawali (no, make that lechon kawali), pinakbet, and sweet and sour fish fillet. And barbecue for Mar because he's a runner, and he needs protein from meat! ^^

And so that was dinner, and a bit of bonding: school, grades, and what nots :D What I love about being a student, is that despite the grueling study periods, and even more grueling exams, there's always a time to relax and bond with friends, even if the interim means only a days worth of classes. Today was a mandatory break, after a month-long of being in school everyday (okay, we had weekdays off..) and never-ending exams. We were like Nursing students (checked attendances!) but it was a valid excuse to dine away somewhere and spend time not worrying about school, recitations and graduation! Summer is almost here (but my vacay seems bleak), that should mean more "days off". Yayos and Yayas, where next? Just don't say Plaza or Rotunda!

'Till next day off! :)

Bantay lang mo maka uyab ko! haha!
If I Let You Go - Westlife
Seriously, via YouTube :D

Sunday, February 20, 2011

innocent until proven guilty

The Ellah Case, and my two-cents' worth.

All information may not be accurate. Everything is based on what I have heard from the radio and from other people, read, and seen on TV.

This morning, I felt so worried because we were going to have an exam. I was so preoccupied that I almost didn't notice that on my way to school, I passed by a group of people whom I thought were protesters. A few moments later, I realized that we were beside the caro of Ellah Joy Pique's body. So that explained why there were so many people, banners, and that feeling of emptiness in the air.

For a moment there, I forgot my worries. I was overwhelmed by a feeling of sadness. I was teary-eyed.

How could one take the life of an innocent little girl and just throw her lifeless body? This isn't the work of man in his right mind. What kind of evil has gotten into him...

One early morning, my mother's friend called. She said that 5 kids were abducted in Minglanilla, Cebu. That they were 6-year olds and that they were brought inside a car. News was, the kids were going to be victims of trafficking: illegal organ donation.

She called because she warned my mother. I have a 10-year old brother. Her daughter is my brother's classmate. Since her daughter didn't have a cellphone, she asked my mom to tell my brother about the incident and relay the story to her daughter, and that they should be home right after class.

That afternoon, the news mentioned of a missing girl. There was only one missing kid, as opposed to the chismis.

The next morning, we listened to the radio for updates on the missing girl. We learned her body was found lifeless, naked, wrapped in a bedsheet, and thrown along the side of the road.

Cartographic sketches of the alleged perpetrators

These were based on the description given by the witnesses during the abduction.

Karen Esdrelon and Norwegian fiancee Sven Erik Berger

Are they the suspects of the crime?

I've been following the story. And here's what I've gathered, in a nutshell.

Esdrelon is a nurse with a kid from a previous relationship. During interviews, her answers are straight, direct, and you can really hear an "educated" girl talking. She's upfront and sure of herself. On the other hand, Berger is a computer engineer. Personally, he doesn't look like those pedophiles that walk the streets and malls of Cebu.

Itinerary. The suspects' schedule and whereabouts are well documented, there's no flaw to it. Alibi, one would say. But they've got all receipts and logs to prove it. They even have witnesses. They were somewhere else when Ellah Joy was taken. They were nowhere near the area where the body was found during the alleged time the body was thrown.

Vehicle. The witnesses saw a black Mitsubishi Pajero (source). The couple were renting a blue Toyota Vios. Their driver could attest to that.

Witnesses. The witnesses were children. They were "used" by the *ambitious* police without the presence of social workers. The children were initially hesitant in pointing out the couple, but eventually they did. I'm thinking, they're just children - they're credible, yes, but then, they could have been pressured, not fully comprehending the gravity of the situation.

Cartographic sketch. Be my guest. You be the judge.

The list goes on. The camera and laptop. The fact that Esdrelon has a child. I personally don't think a mother could do such morbid thing.

I am not dismissing the possibility of their guilt. But they should be considered innocent until proven guilty. In the Philippine justice system (which somehow, I might add, s-u-c-k-s), a person suspected of a crime is considered innocent until the other party who alleges his guilt presents evidence to prove otherwise. But in the REAL (read: irl) justice system, suspects are harrased, publicized, and cosidered guilty until they get to PROVE THEIR INNOCENCE.

As of present, the couple is out on bail. There's actually a Facebook page created to spread the news that they are innocent (and I'd presume would become a hate page against the police).

But what really happened to Ella Joy?

There have been different stories. And I do not know why the police and media hasn't cleared this out.

Her heart has been taken out, along with some organs. Initial news said no rape happened, but rumor has it her genitals were severely molested. Her head was pounded with rocks.

A neighbor said (who was one of the police that went to recover the body), the girl had a pierced tongue and it was clear that there was sexual assault.

I don't know what or who to believe in. I just hope that the real perpetrators are sent to jail and suffer the rest of their lives. After witnessing the La Salle Bombing and supporting the innocence of Jed, I now know how and what it feels like being in the shoes of the alleged suspects' friends. It's so bad to be wrongly accused and humiliated on nationwide tv.

I pray for the soul of Ella Joy.

May justice prevail.

And boo you investigators. I know it's a tough job, but it's your job! Boo you!

All photos linked from their respective sources.
By the way, check out their personal FB accts. Wala lang :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

carrie, josh, and matthew

Okay, so I was in a hurry to make last night's post, and I feel like I didn't do the lunch (and shoes!) justice. So here's a part II. Again, this is neither a fashion nor food blog. It's personal. At ganito kami sa personal. HA-HA!

We originally planned on going to Fort San Pedro and do something like we did last year and the other year. But things didn’t go as planned. Megs’ (yes, that’s m-e-g-s) aunt from Manila came and he had to be with her. J was depressed because of a news. K wasn’t able to charge the camera. D wanted to eat because she was very hungry. So we settled for late lunch. And so it was Josh and Matthew’s.

I once interned with the legal department for a non-government agency located at GMC Plaza, in front of Plaza Independencia. Josh and Matthew’s is located at the ground floor of that building, just beside the Friendly Care Clinic. And so there were times that I ate my lunches and snacks there. They serve sumptuous meals, in large servings. They also serve hot and cold coffee and chocolate drinks. After all, it’s name is Josh and Matthew, the Chocolate and Coffee Station.

blue marlin in thai sauce
baby back ribs nga murag ihulog sa plato

me, my big eyes, and my dangas agtang
with grilled tuna belly with lemon chuva
which looks like fried chicken drumstick and sunny side up, malasado style

yes, we had the entire place for ourselves!
(Clockwise) E posing, K hiding, D relaxing,
K looking like a print ad model, S (otherwise known as, myself), and D feeling the heat of the sun.

Even though K didn’t have her humongous (uhm, aka big bad blogger-type) camera, it was high time to try out E’s new Sony. (Pictures in this post were just resized though, so please don’t judge Sony by these.)

What’s funny about friends is that you have this level of wavelength that intertwine (wavelengths that intertwine, eh?) in a certain manner. Imagine, we are not the dress-to-kill type (save for Megs), nor the fashionista’s, and definitely not the high-heeled types. But there we were, wearing shoes that we would otherwise not wear to school (yes, we still go to school). It would attract attention (but, so what?), it would add unnecessary height (I’m not that tall, but my friends aren’t either, so that wouldn’t be too comfy if I stooped down just to talk with them), and most of all, I don’t drive my own car to school (which means that I still have to undergo the agony of commuting). But despite the circumstances surrounding the matter (experiment??), would you believe (-.-), we (3 out of 4) met up, all wearing *ehem* new *ehem* pumps.^^ Yes, and wala mi nagsabot!

I am not advertising nor selling this shoe but I got jittery when I saw that you can actually purchase this shoe HERE :)

my paisley-printed pair

and look what we did to E's Leaveland patents! stashed them with their 'for sale' stuff!

photo taken using my cellphone camera

'Til next time guys!

There is a Light that Never Goes Out
The Smiths

To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a plan and a shoe

Ever experienced a time where you planned for something and the day comes but it just doesn’t happen? Today was one of those days. But with friends like mine, who needs careful planning anyway?

Segue: I bought a shoe online and it arrived today. Since I was already dressed for our late lunch, I just hopped in to my new pumps.


I then met with my friends and we went to this place called Josh and Matthew’s. Guess what?

E came wearing her red patent pumps!

And K wore her red suede pumps (which had snakeskin-like platforms)!

D, wore her Chucks (because she will never wear high heeled shoes!!).

This just called for a photo op! (and that would be on the next post. or on FB.)

First thing that came to my mind was the PensandLens JC shoe contest. Ghaadd. I just had to join! :) Shoes, pictures, and that perfect qoute...

Shoes aren’t really my addiction. My collection simply ranges from flats, sneakers, boots, and a few heeled ones. If I listed the brands, one look at it and you could definitely say that I am no shoe whore. But why look at the brand? As the saying goes: If the shoe fits, buy it! And so everytime I see a comfy shoe that fits just right, I buy it (of course, budget factor included). Truth to tell, I wasn't like that before. Way back, I only waited for my parents to give me a money and then I'd spend an entire week looking for that perfect pair. My father used to tell me that the shoe I wanted or imagined wasn't manufactured yet. He gave up on accompanying me to the malls. We had a fight once when I was looking for my perfect grad shoes (we were to wear plain white heeled ones). Things changed when I started earning money. I went out more, explored and experimented. And the rest, is history (blah!). :D

Title is totally random.
This isn’t a fashion blog, per se.
Yes, I’m joining a giveaway.
And oh, yup! This is my first real post in this blog.
Whatever, I don’t know what a frosted comet is.
Shoe quote: because I'm single.


say whut!

no, i didn't just make that up.
i wanted to start anew but everything else i could come up with were just cheesy (read: baduy). guess where that came from?

welcome to the frosted comet (yeah, whatever that means!)

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