Tuesday, February 22, 2011

day off

Today I didn't know we were going to see Former Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban in person. I think I got a little starstruck there. And then I realized that he looked just the same as he did in his website. And he also wore that toga with a red violet sash (what is it called, anyway?). And because we were seated from afar, it didn't really feel like I saw him "in person" after all.

What disturbed me was the video presentation which was played while a guy was singing a praise song about Santo Niño. It showed pictures of the Niño, and of Governor Gwen. Honestly, her pictures just didn't seem to fit the message. The song was a prayer. She was politicking. Just saying... But when we saw her, I was starstruck... because of her shoes! She left out the bag though (yes, we took pictures of her before because of her LV which her lady body guard was carrying).

Anyways, so that was the Jessup Competition, 2011. Plenary Hall, Cebu International Convention Center. :-)

So it was my first time at the CICC. Seriously. There was no reason for me to go to that controversial building. And well, the ladies' room was dark, the manhole on the ceiling was creepy. No, I didn't see any cracked walls. It felt like an oversized lobby. I didn't like my chair. I don't know and didn't even bother to check what else was there. We didn't take pictures from the inside because the Megs' camera was left inside his car. We skipped the competition (first agent, respondent) and went to dinner. MarLove were already waiting for us at Pier One (whose sign already says PERONE :p) and they were calling us asking where we were!

See you at P E R O N E!


Presenting: The Yaya and Yayo Day Off

Yayas. Kusinera and Yaya ni Dodong. E and S. :)
No, this is not an outfit post. Haha! I hate my pants.
I was in a super hurry today that I had to grab the nearest thing my hands could get hold of.
I was actually already wearing something but upon looking at the mirror, I felt like I looked somebody else!
So I changed my mind, hence the last minute outfit change.
That's a Pi tee by Island (souvenirs?),
Old Navy bag (no, NOT an ukay find, haha!),
Carme Hush Puppies.
Skip the pants, I don't like it!!

Megs, in all his Yayo glory, posing to get a souvenir shot of CICC.
Walk the dog na, muchacho!

It took us a long time to cross the street, to Parkmall, because we were taking (and literally, stealing) pictures. Sorry but we just had to grab the opportunity, day off eh!

We had dinner at Pier One Bar and Grill, not the most delicious and affordable restaurant in town, but it has a good ambiance. You dine as if you're inside a ship (or lets say, on a cruise, para sosyal, cargo ship nga lang), and there's a live acoustic two-man band (that sang songs of different genre, disturbing).

Taken by Megs :)

However, you'll never go wrong with Pier One because of their large rice servings. For a rice-eater, like me (and Mar!haha), it'd be worth it. So our dinner (at about a thousand pesos), consisted of sisig, lechon kawali (no, make that lechon kawali), pinakbet, and sweet and sour fish fillet. And barbecue for Mar because he's a runner, and he needs protein from meat! ^^

And so that was dinner, and a bit of bonding: school, grades, and what nots :D What I love about being a student, is that despite the grueling study periods, and even more grueling exams, there's always a time to relax and bond with friends, even if the interim means only a days worth of classes. Today was a mandatory break, after a month-long of being in school everyday (okay, we had weekdays off..) and never-ending exams. We were like Nursing students (checked attendances!) but it was a valid excuse to dine away somewhere and spend time not worrying about school, recitations and graduation! Summer is almost here (but my vacay seems bleak), that should mean more "days off". Yayos and Yayas, where next? Just don't say Plaza or Rotunda!

'Till next day off! :)

Bantay lang mo maka uyab ko! haha!
If I Let You Go - Westlife
Seriously, via YouTube :D

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  1. ahh the sisig...I miss the sisig of Cebu....I love pier one yey!!! bookmarking you blog na!!!



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