Wednesday, February 16, 2011

carrie, josh, and matthew

Okay, so I was in a hurry to make last night's post, and I feel like I didn't do the lunch (and shoes!) justice. So here's a part II. Again, this is neither a fashion nor food blog. It's personal. At ganito kami sa personal. HA-HA!

We originally planned on going to Fort San Pedro and do something like we did last year and the other year. But things didn’t go as planned. Megs’ (yes, that’s m-e-g-s) aunt from Manila came and he had to be with her. J was depressed because of a news. K wasn’t able to charge the camera. D wanted to eat because she was very hungry. So we settled for late lunch. And so it was Josh and Matthew’s.

I once interned with the legal department for a non-government agency located at GMC Plaza, in front of Plaza Independencia. Josh and Matthew’s is located at the ground floor of that building, just beside the Friendly Care Clinic. And so there were times that I ate my lunches and snacks there. They serve sumptuous meals, in large servings. They also serve hot and cold coffee and chocolate drinks. After all, it’s name is Josh and Matthew, the Chocolate and Coffee Station.

blue marlin in thai sauce
baby back ribs nga murag ihulog sa plato

me, my big eyes, and my dangas agtang
with grilled tuna belly with lemon chuva
which looks like fried chicken drumstick and sunny side up, malasado style

yes, we had the entire place for ourselves!
(Clockwise) E posing, K hiding, D relaxing,
K looking like a print ad model, S (otherwise known as, myself), and D feeling the heat of the sun.

Even though K didn’t have her humongous (uhm, aka big bad blogger-type) camera, it was high time to try out E’s new Sony. (Pictures in this post were just resized though, so please don’t judge Sony by these.)

What’s funny about friends is that you have this level of wavelength that intertwine (wavelengths that intertwine, eh?) in a certain manner. Imagine, we are not the dress-to-kill type (save for Megs), nor the fashionista’s, and definitely not the high-heeled types. But there we were, wearing shoes that we would otherwise not wear to school (yes, we still go to school). It would attract attention (but, so what?), it would add unnecessary height (I’m not that tall, but my friends aren’t either, so that wouldn’t be too comfy if I stooped down just to talk with them), and most of all, I don’t drive my own car to school (which means that I still have to undergo the agony of commuting). But despite the circumstances surrounding the matter (experiment??), would you believe (-.-), we (3 out of 4) met up, all wearing *ehem* new *ehem* pumps.^^ Yes, and wala mi nagsabot!

I am not advertising nor selling this shoe but I got jittery when I saw that you can actually purchase this shoe HERE :)

my paisley-printed pair

and look what we did to E's Leaveland patents! stashed them with their 'for sale' stuff!

photo taken using my cellphone camera

'Til next time guys!

There is a Light that Never Goes Out
The Smiths

To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die


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