Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Check my counter out at the bottom of my page and you'll see that something is fast approaching. Hmm, it's my big 30! I'd like to say that it's not safe to post exact birthdates online, but please let this be an excuse. I'm turning 30 in less than fifty days!

I've always wanted to make a bucket list, but I am so lazy! So instead of that bucket list, I'll write down at least one thing insteresting that happens 50 days before my birthday.

Today is actually Day 47. Rather, there are 47 days left 'til I turn 30.

Day 50 was last Sunday. It was, I guess, the first time (in a long time, hehe) that I went to mass with family on an early Sunday moning. What a way to kick off the countdown! Although I really wasn't aware about it then. :)

Day 49, I bought roasted coffee for one of my officemates. After work, we ate at McDonald's. So, it was the first time I went to McDonald's before and after work. It was also the first time my close friend T hitched a ride with me after getting that new job. It was also the first time two of my friends met each other. :)

Day 48 was the first time I went jogging with my friend T. I surrendered, and eventually just stood by the side and waited for her. When she was nearing, she ran a bit faster and told me that a girl had collapsed. Okay, so who said push yourself to the limit? Because that girl obviously did.

Day 47, which is today, was my first time getting a massage at the spa. Yep, my first. I've been invited and told to go many times before but today was just too spontaneous and my back actually hurt so I was so excited for the massage. It was good! Surely not the best but it was really good. Hello Spa body massage was only for 250 for an hour. I chose the Swedish oil massage. Me and my 2 other girlfriends, Gee and Lai, definitely had a fun and relaxed time. Going back? Hmm, we'll see. With Ate P next time. 

Day 46 will be tomorrow. Can't wait.

Quick random fact: Our house number before was #46. I used to live at #46 Pabayo San Agustin.

That's it!