Sunday, February 20, 2011

innocent until proven guilty

The Ellah Case, and my two-cents' worth.

All information may not be accurate. Everything is based on what I have heard from the radio and from other people, read, and seen on TV.

This morning, I felt so worried because we were going to have an exam. I was so preoccupied that I almost didn't notice that on my way to school, I passed by a group of people whom I thought were protesters. A few moments later, I realized that we were beside the caro of Ellah Joy Pique's body. So that explained why there were so many people, banners, and that feeling of emptiness in the air.

For a moment there, I forgot my worries. I was overwhelmed by a feeling of sadness. I was teary-eyed.

How could one take the life of an innocent little girl and just throw her lifeless body? This isn't the work of man in his right mind. What kind of evil has gotten into him...

One early morning, my mother's friend called. She said that 5 kids were abducted in Minglanilla, Cebu. That they were 6-year olds and that they were brought inside a car. News was, the kids were going to be victims of trafficking: illegal organ donation.

She called because she warned my mother. I have a 10-year old brother. Her daughter is my brother's classmate. Since her daughter didn't have a cellphone, she asked my mom to tell my brother about the incident and relay the story to her daughter, and that they should be home right after class.

That afternoon, the news mentioned of a missing girl. There was only one missing kid, as opposed to the chismis.

The next morning, we listened to the radio for updates on the missing girl. We learned her body was found lifeless, naked, wrapped in a bedsheet, and thrown along the side of the road.

Cartographic sketches of the alleged perpetrators

These were based on the description given by the witnesses during the abduction.

Karen Esdrelon and Norwegian fiancee Sven Erik Berger

Are they the suspects of the crime?

I've been following the story. And here's what I've gathered, in a nutshell.

Esdrelon is a nurse with a kid from a previous relationship. During interviews, her answers are straight, direct, and you can really hear an "educated" girl talking. She's upfront and sure of herself. On the other hand, Berger is a computer engineer. Personally, he doesn't look like those pedophiles that walk the streets and malls of Cebu.

Itinerary. The suspects' schedule and whereabouts are well documented, there's no flaw to it. Alibi, one would say. But they've got all receipts and logs to prove it. They even have witnesses. They were somewhere else when Ellah Joy was taken. They were nowhere near the area where the body was found during the alleged time the body was thrown.

Vehicle. The witnesses saw a black Mitsubishi Pajero (source). The couple were renting a blue Toyota Vios. Their driver could attest to that.

Witnesses. The witnesses were children. They were "used" by the *ambitious* police without the presence of social workers. The children were initially hesitant in pointing out the couple, but eventually they did. I'm thinking, they're just children - they're credible, yes, but then, they could have been pressured, not fully comprehending the gravity of the situation.

Cartographic sketch. Be my guest. You be the judge.

The list goes on. The camera and laptop. The fact that Esdrelon has a child. I personally don't think a mother could do such morbid thing.

I am not dismissing the possibility of their guilt. But they should be considered innocent until proven guilty. In the Philippine justice system (which somehow, I might add, s-u-c-k-s), a person suspected of a crime is considered innocent until the other party who alleges his guilt presents evidence to prove otherwise. But in the REAL (read: irl) justice system, suspects are harrased, publicized, and cosidered guilty until they get to PROVE THEIR INNOCENCE.

As of present, the couple is out on bail. There's actually a Facebook page created to spread the news that they are innocent (and I'd presume would become a hate page against the police).

But what really happened to Ella Joy?

There have been different stories. And I do not know why the police and media hasn't cleared this out.

Her heart has been taken out, along with some organs. Initial news said no rape happened, but rumor has it her genitals were severely molested. Her head was pounded with rocks.

A neighbor said (who was one of the police that went to recover the body), the girl had a pierced tongue and it was clear that there was sexual assault.

I don't know what or who to believe in. I just hope that the real perpetrators are sent to jail and suffer the rest of their lives. After witnessing the La Salle Bombing and supporting the innocence of Jed, I now know how and what it feels like being in the shoes of the alleged suspects' friends. It's so bad to be wrongly accused and humiliated on nationwide tv.

I pray for the soul of Ella Joy.

May justice prevail.

And boo you investigators. I know it's a tough job, but it's your job! Boo you!

All photos linked from their respective sources.
By the way, check out their personal FB accts. Wala lang :)

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  1. I hope...they will be able to solve the case of Ella....coz if they caught the wrong person...then the ones who did it might be in the Bahamas having fun and sipping coconut juice the nerve!!!




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