Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a plan and a shoe

Ever experienced a time where you planned for something and the day comes but it just doesn’t happen? Today was one of those days. But with friends like mine, who needs careful planning anyway?

Segue: I bought a shoe online and it arrived today. Since I was already dressed for our late lunch, I just hopped in to my new pumps.


I then met with my friends and we went to this place called Josh and Matthew’s. Guess what?

E came wearing her red patent pumps!

And K wore her red suede pumps (which had snakeskin-like platforms)!

D, wore her Chucks (because she will never wear high heeled shoes!!).

This just called for a photo op! (and that would be on the next post. or on FB.)

First thing that came to my mind was the PensandLens JC shoe contest. Ghaadd. I just had to join! :) Shoes, pictures, and that perfect qoute...

Shoes aren’t really my addiction. My collection simply ranges from flats, sneakers, boots, and a few heeled ones. If I listed the brands, one look at it and you could definitely say that I am no shoe whore. But why look at the brand? As the saying goes: If the shoe fits, buy it! And so everytime I see a comfy shoe that fits just right, I buy it (of course, budget factor included). Truth to tell, I wasn't like that before. Way back, I only waited for my parents to give me a money and then I'd spend an entire week looking for that perfect pair. My father used to tell me that the shoe I wanted or imagined wasn't manufactured yet. He gave up on accompanying me to the malls. We had a fight once when I was looking for my perfect grad shoes (we were to wear plain white heeled ones). Things changed when I started earning money. I went out more, explored and experimented. And the rest, is history (blah!). :D

Title is totally random.
This isn’t a fashion blog, per se.
Yes, I’m joining a giveaway.
And oh, yup! This is my first real post in this blog.
Whatever, I don’t know what a frosted comet is.
Shoe quote: because I'm single.



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