Thursday, April 14, 2011

dog burns

I am so annoyed and sad right now.

You see, last Monday, my father ran over one of our dogs. No, he wasn't on full speed. We were  just coming home from an out of town trip and our dogs were so excited that they all rushed to the car when they saw us. 
our driveway
So we were on our way inside our driveway... My father drove really slow . We also saw the dogs coming. Our car isn't a lowrider but low enough that dogs can't pass through underneath. And then there were sounds coming from under the car so I told my father I had to get out.

I then saw Dseyebel howling and struggling to get out. I was in the verge of tears because I thought the was ran over by the tires. I just found out she was pregnant so I was really worried.

She finally made her way out, and I thanked God she was able to walk. But she sounded like she was crying and I noticed that she had burns.

Now here's the annoying part. My father said that I should put flour on the burnt part so I actually did it. That time, I didn't know it wasn't the right thing to do. Now that I know it was wrong, I am totally annoyed at what I did.

Our dog had been hiding from us so we were never able to treat  her. She's actually an askal, as we call it here, derived from asong kalye, which loosely translates to street dog. We adopted her ever since she started guarding our house when it was still under construction. We owe her a lot.

So tonight she came back and I saw her at our doorstep. The part where I placed flour was already fine (though I now think that wasn't because of the flour) but I saw that she had other burns. Worse is that her tummy was also burnt. :( How in the world would she be able to feed her puppies! The best thing to do is to bring her to the vet, but sadly, we don't have a vet for our dogs. :/ And we can't bring her to a vet anymore because we'd be leaving for a vacation. We can't let her take meds because she has puppies, and it's not advisable to give her some, right?

So what should I do? Sorry I didn't take pictures. Even if I had, I don't feel like posting them right now.

Did this ever happen to you? What did you do?
What am I supposed to do with 3-day old burns in a dog? Aside from going to the/calling a vet.

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Dyesebel is derived from the name of a mermaid in an old local fantasy movie..


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