Thursday, March 17, 2011

thanksgiving and celebration

One always does everything to reach his goals in life. I for one have this goal which I have set my heart on. I encountered a LOT of problems along the way, and I continue to. I've been through failures and felt even more frustrations but I never surrendered. My heart and mind has been set. At this point, there's no stopping me. :)

Recently, I realized that getting to where I am right now wasn't that easy. It may have seemed simple but then, looking back, I think I experienced all struggles possible. I'm almost at the end of this chapter and a new one will unfold. For the meantime, I will relish every small victory and be thankful for every single blessing that comes my way.

So with that, I thank the Lord for another round of wonderful school year. I haven't gotten my grades yet, and I ain't confident, but that's not a reason to fret. I've also got friends who are graduating this month, so this calls for a thanksgiving... and a karaoke celebration! :)

 Here's for the "thanksgiving"

And say hello to the "celebration"
 I loved my corset. It's an MTO (but an RTW when I bought it- they had my size) I found on Facebook. 
I wore it on top of a Baclaran tee because I can't dare to bare so much skin, haha! 
My silver Steve Madden matched Saxa's pink shoes. We called them the "princess-princess metallic shoes". 
Yes, you say princess twice, for emphasis. Meaning, not real. haha wat evs!

We're not only friends, we're one big family!
aywabshu! and i'm gonna mishoo!

I already looked kinda weird by the end of the night. My face and body turned a bit red. Margarita! :p

It's gonna be my turn someday, and I'll have a lot lot more to celebrate and be thankful for!

<3 Toodle-oo!


  1. wow girl you have the body!!! I love it...and yes the corset can I ask it from you...hahahaha!!! if I can loose more weight and fit in your body ahhahaa love sexy even though it does not bare too much skin...nice!!!



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