Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Candles

This was supposed to be last week's entry but I never had the chance to gather the right words enough to express how and what I really felt. And so I decided to leave it for Wednesday.

Candles. Prayers. Faith.

Not so wordless after all...


  1. the pics remind me that im going to simala with the family on sat!

  2. These make such great pictures.

  3. My country needs that..we had fellow Filipino that was sentence to death by prayers for thier family..

    here's mine..

  4. Those are simply beautiful pictures. Inspirational. Thanks for sharing! Blessings!

  5. That is truly magical. Very beautiful photos! Stopping by from WW linky @ never growing old

  6. That first pic looks almost medieval. These remind me of my grandma as we always light a candle in her memory.

  7. @DaMnViXeN

    some of the pics were taken at simala, the others at bohol :)

    Thank you! :) I like taking photos of candles and people praying :)

    thank you!

    hi! i'm also from the Philippines and I feel really sad for the families of the victims. but if that's the law, and if due process was really given, i think it's justifiable. we just have a different perception because in our country, we really value life. all we can give now are our prayers...
    thank you! :) blessings to you too! :P

    thanks for considering the photos magical. thank you!

    yes, lighting candles can sometimes portray sadness and grief over lost loved ones but it also reminds us that right now, they are happy and one with our Creator. I somehow relate candles to prayers and hope :)


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