Monday, June 13, 2011

Meet me on Monday

Meet me on Monday

1.  What is your favorite yogurt flavor?
I don't enjoy yogurt that much but I regularly buy it (just because I think it's healthy). I buy those called 'fruit selection' because they have bits of fruits.
Yogurt ice cream is a totally different story though.  I love it! I prefer the healthy option still - green tea! :D

this is the only photo i have of yogurt ice cream. the guy spelled my name totally wrong. m-u-r-d-e-r.

2.  Ankle or knee socks? and on the same theme, white socks or coloured??
I was thinking of the same thing today. If it were me during my time, I'd prefer knee socks. I loved how I looked in knee socks when I was a kid. But I'm no longer a kid!haha I prefer ankle socks, colored.
how we looked about 9 years ago.. haha! not-so-knee-high! :)

3.  How is the weather right now?
I cannot cannot!! haha [ that's what I usually say when I don't knw what to say ;-)]
It's hard to describe the weather in the Philippines today. Summer has ended and we're welcoming the wet (rainy) season. However, it looks like the summer hasn't given way yet. It gets too hot at times and then it rains super hard a couple of hours after. To weather: make up your mind...

4.  Are you a fast typer?
I used to be. The fastest I could remember was at 74 wpm. I try to touch type, but I'm not the best at it. I'm at around 50-55wpm at present. You see, I used to work as a chat agent for an American monitoring software company. You know, those types which record both your online and offline activities..
Do you see those websites where you just chat for sales or technical support?

I used to be one of their agents.
Of course, there were predefined answers for specific questions, but it's always different when you put a personal touch to your responses. You ask though why the responses are so slow. There are so many people on chat at a time! You think you're the only one and that the agent you're talking with is not listening to your concerns? She's actually busy looking up your account and trying to figure out your problem - as well as  5 other people's.

5.  Red or White Wine?
Earlier, I preferred the healthy options which would presumably lead to to answer Red Wine in this question. I however like white wine more since it only tastes like juice. haha! :) But it really depends upon what I'm eating. We used to store red wine since it's good for the heart, but stopped because of the dengue outbreak where we all drank apple juice. Red wine was then forgotten. ;-)  Apple juice then became the 'healthy drink'.
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  1. Frozen yoghurt, yum! I might buy some next time I go shopping :)

  2. haha, I like how we're the exact opposite with yogurt. I hate fruit bits, which is why I don't like most yogurts!!


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