Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Dip!

taking a dip in the water with my cousins

Another addition to my summer vacation posts, coming right up!

How I wish summer would never end so I can still soak up under the sun.

Anyway, here's another one of my summer destinations - a beach called CAUSEWAY.
 I failed to ask about the history of the place and why it's called Causeway. For a small town, it's such a wonder why a certain place has an english-sounding name.

Causeway Beach
St. Christine, Lianga
Surigao del Sur

click on photo for original size :)
1. We rode the bus on the way to the beach. Since it was full, some of us had to stand. It was a very short trip anyway. :)

2. Striking a pose at the sign that says "Causeway Beach, Tourist Spot"

3. Me and my cousin Meg riding the habal-habal, an improvised motorcycle.

4. My aunt loves to sing "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" on karaoke.

5. Lying on the sand. :)

6. There were rocks in the middle of the sea so we climbed and well, took a pic! :D

7.8.9. My cousins burying my brother in the white sand! :P

10. The habal-habal with a roof! Ain't that ingenious? :) Only in the Philippines!
11. The shore. It was rocky and sandy.

12. My brother and cousins raising up the sign that says "Villa Violeta", the name of the resort where we chose to stay for the day.

And finally, me, in all my unsexy glory.
Thanks to my friend Ate Donna for pointing out that even Marilyn Monroe had love handles
I shouldn't be ashamed! :D

More summer photos soon!


  1. I love seeing "not-so popular" places in the places but are equally breathtaking and worth visiting! Thanks for sharing the photos!

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  2. Looks so inviting. Very good. I love the local life photos. I enjoy getting to see places through other people's perspective and eyes. Thank you for sharing these :-)

  3. Looks like fun. Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  4. The place seems to good one for holidaying.
    Good captures.

  5. Cute blog! ^_____^ I love your photography!


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