Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Nature

I wanted to pair it with something for size comparison but the closest I could grab was my brother's PSP since he was playing with it. I didn't find the ruler nor tape measure.
So this 1.1 kg mango just fell off from the tree the other day. It's huge!

Having that huge mango got me thinking... And thanking God as well. 
Oh the wonders that nature bring!
And then I asked myself, what have I done for nature recently?
Aha! Remember Earth Day (April 22)?

Earth Day was a Good Friday so we somehow "celebrated" on Easter since Biyernes Santo is a day of repentance, reflection and prayer. Instead of the usual Easter egg hunt, we went tree-planting!
It was giving-back-to-Mother-Nature time.

My cousin Meg was in her Girl Scout uniform. Why? Because she's a Girl Scout!
{our secret: she needed the badge!;-)}

We saw this tiny spring with really cold water. The locals come here to bathe, wash, and for water consumption too, so maybe they were the ones who had this cemented to keep the place safer and cleaner. And look, there's a dipper already!

We planted coconut seedlings and some others (I forgot what they were, though there weren't much actually).
Right here I was just looking at my cousin. She was the one who dug holes.
I kinda forget what plant I was holding.

Are you familiar with copra? They're dried coconut meat and sold per kilo which is the common livelihood for the locals. Pictured here are the coconut husks thrown away since they only need the meat. I don't know what they're going to do with these. For firewood, I guess.

Okay, me posing, obviously. I don't know why I'm shining in this picture. 
Please don't comment on my outfit. The hat didn't fit! 
If this were an outfit post, specs would go:  
Pink Hat - borrowed from Aunt; Gray V-Neck Tee - borrowed from Aunt; White Bermuda Shorts - borrowed from Aunt; Hybrid Espadrille - Gifted, from Aunt
See? I usually don't bring a lot during vacations/trips. I love borrowing from my aunt. haha

We saw a hole too at the other side of the area. This one, as my uncle said, previously had a sign which said:
"Ayaw hugaw-hugawi. Kun dili, akoa ni tabunan balik"
In carabao English, it translates as: Don't soil [somewhat, "keep this clean"]) If not, I will cover this again.
[haha, that translation sounded better than I expected! ;-)]

Story: Apparently, there was this old man (complete stranger) who had a dream. In his dream, there was clean freshwater under this big rock. The only way to get water was to draw a hole in the middle of it. And so, without permission from the owner of the land (who happens to be another aunt), the old man made that hole, and alas, there really was water. My uncle thinks this guy is somewhat gifted. From then on, people from nearby who didn't have access to drinking water now had a instant water source! Bizarre.

Heading home...



  1. Oh I loooove mangoes! I live overseas and sometimes I see them for around $100 a piece! It's crazy.

  2. What a lovely idea to plant trees instead! That's a massive Mango, I hope you enjoy it!

  3. Wow, that is one big mango. Thanks for sharing the other photos too. I love seeing your photos each week. Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  4. Awesome mango!!! I loved your pictures! Thanks for sharing! Hopping over from Java's today and totally enjoyed your pics!!!

  5. That mango is amazing! I grabbed two at the store yesterday, but of course they are nothing like this one. Your photos are great! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  6. OMGosh.....thats huge, LOL!!!

    Thank you for linking up & back today,
    Happy {semi} wordless wednesday ♥

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