Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Free Your Mind Tuesday #5: Hating hate

This is post #5 in a series of post for the 50 questions that will "Free Your Mind" which I will be doing every Tuesday. If you have chanced upon my blog and have answered or is also planning to answer the same set of questions, please do link up so that we can all read each others' entries.
What is the one thing you'd most like to change about the world?

When I first read all the questions in this series, I tried to give out short answers for each. Now I try to wonder why at first I said I'd change people's ideologies. 
Maybe because I wanted everyone to live a life no less than the ordinary. I also wanted people to think radically. But then again, these may result to people hurting others in the process. Have you seen that old movie where people were turned to crackers by the government and were being sold to the people at a very low price? I totally forgot the title. I tried watching that movie by the suggestion of our Environmental Law professor but then it just wasn't for me...

Anyways, right now, maybe I'd change how the way people hate.
I think it's normal to actually hate a person. I even believe that it's healthy to an itsy bitsy extent. Because let's be honest, not everything in a person is lovable. And hating their bad traits might probably help them change. Yes, I know, we have to love unconditionally, but let's call this hate one that is for the better. Hate only the evil.
But I don't want anyone to hate to the extent of grudging. To the extent of hurting, and maybe of revenge. Hate of that kind will lead us nowhere. 

There were lots of times I felt hatred, especially against people who hurt me, and did me wrong. What I did was to pray. I prayed to God that He help me get rid of all the hatred that I feel. I always think that I'll be alkansi, or in the disadvantage if I let go of my hate and not do anything about it (or against the person). But what a waste of time and emotions if I dwell on it. I get to save more if I let go of it that early.
I had a really bad experience one time where this person whom I thought was a true friend hurt me so bad that he said bad things about me. I try to believe that I am a strong person, and that words can never affect me, because they are just that, words. But then again, I am only human and I do have emotions. I cried a lot that time. Even after the incident, I continued to cry. I couldn't believe why a person could say such bad thins about me, knowing they weren't true. 
I went to light candles for that person. Seriously. I prayed to God to help me let go of all the hatred. It was hard. But it was easier to let go of the feeling because I knew that all that person said about me was not true. I guess it's easier to move on when there is no guilt. And it's easier to forgive when you first let go of all the hate and the pain. What's the use of holding on to them anyway? 
Hold on to love and what's left of it. Hold on to happiness, it will guide you.


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