Monday, June 20, 2011

Meet me on Monday

1.  What feature of the opposite sex do you notice first?
I notice the height first. It's the most obvious thing. I then look at the eyes. :)
I wanted to post a picture, but then changed my mind.. :/

2.  Do you talk to yourself?
A lot. But not out loud.
I have read somewhere before that most of the time spent talking was actually spent talking to/with yourself. :)

3.  What is your current relationship status?
Single. Available. Ready to mingle! haha
I'm turning 25 in a few months, a post grad student, Asian. C'mon! Find me a perfect match! ;-)
I'll be waiting! haha :)
4.  Do you have a garden?
Oh yes! We have a garden.It's still in the works though.

5.  What is your favorite licorice flavor?
Ooops, what's licorice? :)

Yesterday, I was quite busy I didn't do any post for Father's Day. I initially planned on doing a post on FB but I was pretty sure that my father would kill me if I posted my fave photo of him.haha

My father is the best.
We went through many trials but we made it together, as a family, because of him.
There were times I have seen myself as a failure but he never gave up on me.
He worked hard for the family.
He's the most loving father ever. He once told me that he wanted me to feel loved by him in every possible way he can because his father was never sweet to him or to any of his siblings. He didn't want us to live a life wondering how it would be like to be loved by a father. I was never able to ask that question to myself. Never.

To my Tatay, Happy Father's Day!
I love you very very very much!
Kissess 1000x!! haha!

Don't we just look alike?


  1. You've not had liquorice before? It's a lolly/sweet/candy. It's flavour is similar to anise or fennel. Not everyone likes it though.

  2. @Jo-anne "Blossy"

    I don't know. I have heard of liquorice, but I'm not sure about the candy. I tried to google for images and i found twizzlers. If that's liquorice then I've tried that already. Those are the chewy type of candies, right? I didn't know though they were called such.:/ I forgot how we call it here. I like the apple flavor if that's it ;-) and grape too! I only see this at candy stores and never thought they were called liquorice. haha :D

  3. how about you pimp me, i pimp you deal? lol

    tatay is hard core metal! rak en rol!

  4. Hi, it's Just One Donna stopping by for Meet Me on Monday. I do think we spend a lot of time talking to ourselves. The goal is to make it productive and helpful talk and not critical.

  5. Pa greet diay kog belated 'happy fathers' day' sa imong tatay, te Monette! :)

  6. Ha, I liked the picture of the height differences. Also, you should try eHarmony if you're ready to mingle! They're really picky about who they accept, though. I know, because I was rejected...


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