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quincena: a period of fifteen days

The first two weeks of June was quite productive for me, though most of my time was actually spent lying on the couch.

To start off, let me share with you this interesting photo.
tricky. click on photo to enlarge :)
Spot the guy wearing red. 
He's actually cutting my aunt's tree (as per her request, of course) and used the trunks as pillars for this:
my cousins applying varnish on the bamboo seats
A gazebo.

Trivia: There used to be a gazebo, or payag, in our vernacular, in the middle of this area where we now live. Years back, it was demolished to give way to future settlers (uhm, us), but the "payag" name stuck. We thus called the place simply, Payag. But then some people wondered why it's called Payag when there really isn't a payag anywhere. But now, the payag is back, only, it's a smaller version. A really tiny version. And guess what, we've been checking in on Facebook Places at Payag. ;-)

Ever since it was constructed, we tried to do "projects" for it. First off, we needed a table. And because my cousin's birthday is coming and we're planning on a beach-themed barbecue afternoon (yes, we're crazy at times, just like that), we needed a grill.

And so we made a table. From scrap materials. Excuse me, but we're not professional carpenters here, nor are we engineers or architects. We must have forgotten some laws of physics here.
we found this block of wood that had some cement on it. all it needed was sandpaper!

It took us the whole afternoon to make this table. There were four of us!

And we also had to make a grill since the last one that we had was left outside for the rain to damage. We didn't want to use the welding machine for this, because aside from the fact that it messes up with the power supply, it's dangerous for zero-experienced wannabe-welders like us. We spent two afternoons on this. Materials were from scrap metals. We mounted it on the gound to ensure that it wouldn't move. Yes, it's a non-movable grill right at the back of the gazebo. :)
i think this thing isn't safe. haha!

We're planning on celebrating my cousin's birthday here this weekend. It'll also be father's day (our fathers are away for work, so they wouldn't be with us to celebrate). I'm taking charge of the decorations. Good luck. Note: the place can only hold 6 seated people. Guess we're all going to be standing up. And I sure hope it doesn't rain! And oh, we need a different table too. ;-)

I also got busy on crocheting! 
My cousin said that I shouldn't do it since I look like an old lady when I crochet. But how could I just not?! I love the feeling of being able to make something out of a single ball of thread. The possibilities are endless!

And so I made a pouch for my cellphone. And my mother's cellphone. And my friends' cellphones (which aren't done yet). A classmate even said that I should make one for his laptop! Err, no thanks.. I have little patience so I'm on to making little projects. ;-)

Speaking of little patience, I saw these chain and crochet bracelets online and thought of making my own version. I never finished because at some point I just didn't know what to do. And well I just had to stop and give it a try again in the next few days.

I was also browsing over Jo-anne's blog when I saw the video on entrelac. I got hooked (pun?)! I had to try it. I'm a tight knitter (I don't know why), so what I made kind of curled. 

This is just for practice though, I don't know what to make use of it after the rectangular cloth forms. Maybe I'll make it as a toaster. Or a bookmark. Or a wipecloth? It's from re-used yarn anyway.

My brother is officially a high school freshman. 
still sleepy ;-)
I took a picture of him in his uniform on the second day of class. Yes, he already wore the uniform. A sign at school said: Be proud. Wear your uniform. And so he did, even though freshmen were given until next month to wear the uniform.

During his first day though, we waited in school. Yes, we waited. My mother must have been too excited or too stressed up that she decided to wait. And she wanted me to wait with her. I slept though at the cafeteria. She did too. :)
she slept over the schoolbooks :)
After lunch time, we decided to go home but ended up staying (and waiting) at the mall. She did a minor grocery and I realized that there wasn't a counter 13! :D 

My brother said he's enjoying high school. Well, I hope he does! Four more years!!

And here are some random shots...

I got a home pedi and Ate Em, the person who does our nails (home service), brought her baby along. We had to watch the baby while she did everyone's nails..
eeek! what weird feet you have! hahaha
Ate Em's 2-week-old baby boy, Jake

We did some gardening when my father was home. He asked me to dug holes near the mango trees and finally surrendered on me because he said I was too slow. He let me help him with marcotting the pomelos though. :)
i learned how to marcot :D

I was busy with SwapBot lately, I haven't gotten track of my swaps. Which reminds me, I still have a lot of postcards missing. :( 
Herbie postcard for the Movie PC swap :)
I sent my first Postcrossing mail too! And signed up for Bookcrossing (though there's an issue with that since I find international shipping expensive).

It was my sister's birthday and she just made us eat ice cream and chips.  
Uhg, the worst birthday treat ever. She had Japanese dinner with her husband though and got a new bag. :) Hope she's happy!

And more random photos! :D

we made banana q!
the payag's bamboo seat
while looking for wood, we saw this at the old gazebo. there were coins mounted on the cemented floor. it's for good luck, i guess.

our unfurnished wall with my brother's lifesize poster.

the summer blouse i hauled from my aunt (it's backwards)
my mom's friend who also waited with us during the first day of class

just random people

a bag, also hauled from my aunt :P

 Ooh, that was long. How about you? 
How was your quincena? ;-)

fooling around

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  1. I sounds like you have had a very busy start to the month. What a wonderful selection of photos you've shared. Your brother looks great in his school uniform :)
    I do love your crocheting. It looks great. I haven't managed to try that entrelac crocheting yet, perhaps after I finish making the baby cardigan I started last night.


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