Wednesday, November 14, 2012

{Not so} WW: Interiors

Renting a fully-furnished condominium unit wasn't at all what I expected it to be. Well, in some aspects, at least. We weren't able to check the unit out personally so we just trusted a friend when he said that the unit was ok. Overall, it was, really. But it had way too much uncomfortable wooden furniture as should have been placed in a 50sqm unit. The furniture was new - the style and feel (and taste) of it wasn't. One day I was thankful for the really wide dining table, the next I hated the really hard chairs (I bought my own seat cushions, by the way). But the place was perfect though when you think of safety and accessibility. 

After a month (and an estafa) later, I eventually assessed my plans of having my own unit in the future. I still want to give it a go. Perhaps after getting my own car? 
But I would definitely not have this interior design as an inspiration.


So, what do you think?
Livable, yes. But...

Don't get me wrong, I really liked the place. It's not about the small area, or the hard chairs, but the people you were with, and the experience itself. :)


  1. definitely livable place, just a few clearing up.. a tuck here and there, it will look great!
    i have same kind of house for rent to transients, it looks much the same as this. your place though, shows signs of life and character. just enjoy it! :)

    1. We actually enjoyed our stay. It shows a lot of character - and picture frames! :P

  2. I like the chairs, but they look like they belong in a spacious hacienda, not a cozy little condo :)

    1. @Ren

      You're right! it does look like it's from a hacienda. :) The unit owners actually live in a hacienda- I haven't thought of that :D

  3. ***update on the 'estafa' i mentioned- finally got the money after 8 months :)


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