Friday, November 23, 2012

Giving Thanks: Family


 Philippines do*es* not celebrate Thanksgiving, but hey, that's not a reason not to be thankful!

I'm thankful for my parents who love me unconditionally.

I'm thankful for my brother who hates me, I know (aren't brothers-sisters supposed to be like that?).

I'm thankful that I have a sister. Though she had made her decision and we're not in good terms anymore, I still cherish the memory that I once had a loving and well, most of the time, selfless sister. Still optimistic though.

My favorite Tito, and my cousins. They're just the best!


On another note...

Okay, I know this must be rude that I ripped this off somebody's Facebook wall (random, not even my friend), but still, I had a great laugh when I saw this. So I sharing it, anyhow (without permission and without credits :p).

I believe this was written by a kid for a school activity. :D

Happy weekend!


  1. Nice. Being thankful for those who surrounds you. :)

  2. Great post :)
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  4. Very nice!
    Best regardes from Croatia, Europe,



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