Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Chevron

I have always considered myself domesticated not because I love staying at home and do household chores (noooo!) but because the things that make me happy are actually the things that I can do at home.

Since I'm unemployed by choice, I have kept myself busy with projects that just pop out of my head.

First accomplishment on the list is my Christmas chevron table runner. And because I ran out of yarn (and patience), it ended up the size of a placemat. I now use it as a telephone mat, or something like it. :)
I'm glad to say this is my first Christmas 2012 Project!

Unfinished. I still had to clean the sides after. 

How To
I liked the idea of crocheting a chevron pattern. So I scanned through my stitch collection book and found this! If you want to make your own, here are the instructions. I also included the stitch key, in case you're like me who couldn't read patterns.
Easy, right?

click to enlarge

 Photos scanned from the pages of Textured Crochet by Helen Jordan ©2007.

It wasn't perfect but I liked how it turned out.  
And I realized it was hard to crochet with long fingernails - the side of my right thumb was really sore.

So there goes the domesticated princess' first Christmas project.
What's yours? ;-) 

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  1. Chevron!!! What a great pattern, I totally want to find a chevron pattern for knitting. That would make a great scarf.
    This looks amazing btw. :)


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