Thursday, December 1, 2011

The sooner you fall behind...

... the more time you'll have to catch up.

It's the first day of the last month of the year, and I'm here to say that I'm back! Well. I just wanted to post something anyway. I haven't been here for the longest time!

First off, I am so worried with my SwapBot account. You know, people go crazy sometimes and worry about things they're not supposed to worry about, loose focus and eventually forget. I had a hard time in school and I set all the other things aside. My outgoing mails just piled up and I was never able to mail them! I'm catching up though. I bought lots of Christmas cards and I'm planning on mailing a letter of apology to each person I flaked on over at SwapBot.

I hope that would be enough. For some people who take swapping seriously, I've already committed a mortal sin.

Have you ever had that feeling that you've laid down the map of your life yet at that very moment you don't have any clue as to where you're at. It's crazy. Right now, I honestly do not know my standing in school. Have I graduated or not? I mean, is this even possible? I'm hoping, praying, crossing fingers and toes and everything else I could, for the best.

Last November, I was supposed to fly to Manila during the last weekend. My plan was to go with an Uncle in Tagaytay, join the Bar Operations in Manila, and go to Pampangga to visit my nephew. A very vital exam forced me to do a no show. I wanted to buy a new ticket but the exam made me feel so detached after that I got addicted to basil leaves, bought toothbrush as a birthday gift, bought violet contact lenses for myself, skipped (and didn't reply to) friend's invitations, and crocheted lots of rubbish.

Last October, I wanted to sign up for the audiobook challenge. 12 audiobooks by the end of the year. I was on my 6th (in 2 weeks - because I was catching up), but stopped because of the exams! And well, because I couldn't get hold of Lauren Kate's Passion which I really wanted to listen to that time. Never thought I'd be glued to those kinds of stories. Daniel is not my type though. I think I'm on Team Cam.

Last September, I turned a quarter of a century old! I had plans, but my parents had plans to. I ended up celebrating at home - with lots of food! Only 2 of my friends were able to come (the others didn't forget, they just didn't go), the rest were all relatives (good thing those people I didn't know didn't come, I hate that!). I bought glittery hats for my cousins and wore a fascinator hat myself even if what I really wanted to wear was a tiara. Yes, I'm weird at times. Well, most of the time. I also wanted to share my 25 before 25, which I postponed and tried to call it 25 after 25 instead. I eventually decided on 25 before 26 - just because.

August went by too quickly I couldn't even remember what took place!

And so I'm back just in time for the holidays. I've got plans of totally revamping my blog. I'm a lady, I'm entitled to change my mind every now and then, you see. I'm also planning, just planning, to really post with sense next time. My posts bordered on totally random that they're too dense. I hope I get to accomplish this though.

So soon you'll probably be reading more about my attempts in the kitchen, my crocheting skills (or the assumption of a presence thereof), and some other things I'll get to think of along the way.

Oh by the way, I can't remember when, but I busted my laptop. It short circuited right after I plugged it for charging and the plug sent out this crazy spark. So now I'm left with sharing a desktop computer with my brother. I don't get to log in to my other social networking sites more often because I hate logging out then back in. I always log out from the desktop, just to be sure. I haven't had the time to check on my bookmarks too, because I've lost them all. My friend suggested that we chop-chop my laptop and get the hard drive out and use it. Freaking motherboard toasted and buying a new one is more expensive that buying a new laptop. grrrr

I'm off to sleep now.


I'm checking on my status in school tomorrow. I hope I passed the exams. I'm going to die if I didn't, or at least, somebody would kill me.

I hope somebody gives me a new laptop.

Merry Christmas!

-post title totally random-


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