Friday, July 22, 2011

In the Nude

“The undressed is vulgar - the nude is pure”
- Robert Green
Ermanno Scervino
Christian Louboutin

Steve Madden

So over the vacation, I had this fascination for nude pumps.
Luck was on my side. I was fortunate to have won a £100 Gift Voucher from Asos via Wantlet and Sweet of PensandLens (thank you, thank you, mwuaaah!). With that, I  searched Asos for that perfect pair of nude pumps.

I think I scanned through every shoe that they had and this was the only one that matched my preferences (and budget!). I'm not into sophisticated shoes - I go for the simple ones. Also, this is not what you'd normally consider nude since it's taupe. But I like it still! 
The shoe has been delivered and I'm wondering when I'll get to wear it since it's about 5 inches high! I can't wear it for my corporate attire day in school since I'll be up and down flights of stairs. I might not only break my ankle if I get into an accident but might also break my neck!haha

I know not everyone adores pumps, much more, the nude ones, but I am currently loving this trend. 
It makes your legs look longer, mind you (I consider myself to have 'short' legs).

I hope this doesn't go out of fashion for sometime because I still don't have an idea where and when I'll be wearing mine. I'm really excited to wear it though. I'll just wait for the timing.
And oh, I would definitely feel like I'm Toni Gonzaga if I'll wear this. :)

Anyone else who loves nude pumps? :P


  1. I have those Steve Madden sparkle pumps...they are AWESOME yet so uncomfortable...

    1. Where did you find the glittery Steve maddens..need these for a wedding

    2. Where did you find the glittery Steve maddens..need these for a wedding

  2. I think all of these options are great! I don't own a pair of nude pumps but I need to buy a pair.

    Found you via Blonde Episodes :)

  3. GORGEOUS! I call my nude/egghell peep toe Louboutins my "everything" shoe. Love how they make my legs look longer:)

  4. I like the sparkly ones best too!

  5. I want nude heels so bad! But I don't want the platform heels, so far the only one's I can find are Jimmy Choo...of course I love them but they are a bit out of my price range!

  6. Fabulous post! I love nude pumps and thing every girl should own a pair. Thanks for linking up baby! Kori xoxo

  7. lovely!
    Wish i could walk in heels that high!

  8. omg mons! id buy tickets to that event you'll be wearing that gorgeous pumps!!

  9. I have been wanting to buy nude pumps to go with my corporate/work attire. One will never go with nude-colored shoes. Thanks for the post. Now, i shall start hunting that shoes. =)

  10. LOVE a nude pump! They totally elongate my legs- my faves are my Louboutin peep toe in eggshell:)


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