Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Just a quick post as I'd like to greet everyone a

It's already 7:55 pm here in the Philippines- 4 more hours before Christmas Eve! 
Filipinos go to mass and celebrate Noche Buena at midnight but we won't be going to mass tonight since my father isn't around, no one will drive us to church. It'll be dangerous to just walk since there will be a lot, and I say, a lot, of fireworks by the road tonight. Noche buena can wait till my father is back. It'll be Media Noche then (for New Year's Eve).

Anyways, right now, my Nanay is asleep, I'm tired from my last minute shopping earlier (I had too for my brother's camping on Monday), and my brother has set up his tent in the middle of the living room! Really! We won't be opening presents at midnight.. because there are no presents!haha We decided to do that on New Year's Eve instead. Also, our poor 10-foot Christmas tree had an accident and now she's shorter by 4 feet. :P We removed all lights to keep it away from even graver danger. :D It badly needed a chiropractor! Our house is a mess to since the construction for our ceiling isn't done yet (hence my brother's camping in the living room).
I'm preparing some salad though and maybe pasta for tonight. I still haven't decided. It can wait till tomorrow. If time permits, I'll be baking some cupcakes too!
Oh I just wish my father was here so that we'd be complete.


Let us not forget the true essence of Christmas. My Christmas may sound lonely, but no, it's not. As the song goes, Christmas is in our hearts (or, something like that).

I'm still blessed. My father isn't around because he's at work. My brother is camping in the living room because he's excited for his week-long camp starting Monday. My mother is asleep because she just wants to rest, haha. Our house is a mess because of the construction. Our Christmas tree is still standing. And we have food and still-unwrapped presents. I'm content. I'm blessed.

Compared to the people in Mindanao who experienced the flood, lost their belongings, their houses, their loved ones, their own lives. Will they still be able to celebrate Christmas? Do they still have Christmas trees? Have they already prepared for Noche Buena? Above all, do they still have homes and families?

Who am I to complain? I'm still happy, I'm still blessed.

Okay, let us not be sad :) Together, let's pray for them. We can all help too!

Again, Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you have a good one!

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