Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Today, December 13, 2011, marks my parents' 26th wedding anniversary.

Actually, the photo above was taken on February, 1987.
My parents got married twice. Of course, to each other. Both were church weddings.
They must have loved each other so much they did it twice. haha :D
There's a back story, but then I don't know the exact details. But as far as the version I know, the story is sooo cute! I'll probably share some other time. And all I'm sure of is that the first celebration was a "secret" one. They had to do it again - to make it legal. :) Well, that's what they always say anyway. And so that family and friends could attend.
I was born exactly 9 months after their first wedding. ;-)

Happy wedding anniversary! I love you both very much! Thank you for everything.

P.S. Sorry I forgot to greet you both this morning. And this year, I failed to make a surprise. 
Don't worry, I promise not to forget next year, hehe. Love you Nanay and Tatay!

12 days before Christmas!


  1. Such a cute photo!

    It has made me think about my parents getting married. I have never really heard the story.
    Would be interesting to find out.

    I would love to hear your parents love story though!

  2. Congratulations to your parents!! Do share the mysterious story of the 2 weddings with all of us!:)

    As I understand, Nanay is Mom and Tatay is Dad in your language?

  3. @S
    Thank you! I might be sharing the story soon, but I'm having second thoughts since I don't want my parents to find out I've been blogging about them, haha!

    @bonheursdaily Thanks!! Yep, you got that right! Nanay is for mom and Tatay is for dad. :)


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