Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Free Your Mind Tuesday #2: Regrets vs Failures

This is post #2 in a series of post for the 50 questions that will "Free Your Mind" which I will be doing every Tuesday. If you have chanced upon my blog and have answered or is also planning to answer the same set of questions, please do link up so that we can all read each others' entries.
Which is worse, failing or never trying?

Of course, everyone would agree with me that never trying is definitely worse.

It's funny how this question reminds me of the Westlife song "If I Let You Go". Go ahead and laugh at me for associating this with an old school boy band (hey, who didn't love them back then?), but the lyrics of the song just seem so fitting.
"If I let you go, I will never know what my life would be..."

Okay, so now I think that it's actually not the best song to answer the question, but hey, it just came up and when it did, it sounded like a really great idea (more like, eureka!).

Anyways, kidding aside, I seriously think that never trying is worse.
Failure might be painful and difficult to accept, but at least, in the end, you know that you have tried your best. You wouldn't be spending the rest of your life trying to answer the what if's and what would have been's.

Regrets may not be as painful as failure but the latter easily heals, especially when you get to realize that things weren't meant for you. We shouldn't fear failure for it does not determine who we are. No one is to be measured by their failures, but by how strong they were in facing them and how brave they had been to stand up and strive harder.

I have encountered lots of failures in my life. I am young and I have a whole stretch of lifetime ahead of me. I am proud to say that I have committed mistakes (and continue to), but I don't regret committing them. I'm not proud, but some things are just easier learned the hard way. 
One thing that is better about failure is the chance to try again and succeed. With never trying, there will never be success. You will neither move forward, nor backward. Life will be the same. Though it's a safe place to be, for some, it's always better to try. As the saying goes, there is no harm in trying.

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  1. Hey Simonette! Thanks for checking out my blog. I'm glad I found yours too- you're a great writer...can't wait to read more!
    As for the question: for people like us who are choosing careers that have a difficult and long path, it is pretty applicable.
    I find I have to constantly remind myself that if I didn't at least go for it I might always think "what if". Plus, I don't know what is scarier...failure or relinquishing oneself to the monotony of life...I say go for it. Whatever it is. Try and fail and try again :)


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