Friday, February 15, 2013

I almost forgot!

Today is the anniversary! Well, no celebrations, but here's something for you. Take a bite! I did that yesterday :D Valentine's Day celebration with myself :) And I ate one while my cousins and I were video chatting via Skype. 

First bite for Kuya, next for Meg, then Nica. :) And then they showed me their chocolates and flowers.
Good for them. :)

My friend K sent me a text warning me about not going outside because I might see the dating couples everywhere. Too late. We sent my brother to school (boy scout camping) that night. And yes, there were a lot of couples everywhere. And every corner, I could see heart balloons. It was crazy. For me, at least. And anyway, I needn't go out to the streets to see the couples smooching. It was all over my Facebook timeline.
Well again, good for them! :)

Happy Two to me!
< 3,

K also said that love comes when you least expect it. So she added, "don't expect".

ooowkay k!


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